March 26, 2012

seed spitters anonymous

My outfit of the day. Whoops, forgot to close my backpack for the photos and ofc didn't notice until already in my birthday suit watching these pictures from my laptop.

I have the worst habit of spitting the seeds on the floor, or well, everywhere when eating mandarins, clementines etc. I don't even notice when I do it but it's super annoying to find the seeds stuck to my socks all the time! And it is also annoying when I accidentally do it somewhere else than home and people start yelling at me..:( I can't stand to be yelled at like at all! I start crying. What is a girl to do.. 8----( And you are very welcome for having to hear this soooo important and huge and dramatic problem of mine. Toodles!

Love, Nina

March 25, 2012

my little pony

So there! My new carousel horse tattoo, love it sooooo much!!! Thank you Juha from Raining Blood Tattoo!! It's still a bit swollen on the photos so it will look (if possible) even better when fully healed<33 And about the hair, this was a happy "accident" since I just put on a colour removing stuff and that's how they ended up, kinda like them a lot! They are much more pastel orange with pink and blonde "highlights" here and there irl. Reminds me of my little pony's tail! Cool! 8-----3

March 24, 2012

instagram sneak peek

Two glimpse photos I took with my phone. There's something different with my hair and something new on my thigh ;3 Gonna reveal more later. Mysterious huh? Muhahaha!!!>---)

Love, Nina

March 22, 2012

pink walrus

Green walrus, pink walrus and a red sled are dragged to a hilltop. Three girls place their butts on them and slide slide slide down the hill so many times (it was five times tops.. running up is way harder than it once was) they just have to stop and dig some marshmallows and hot chocolate out their bags. Pink walrus and his friends are pleased for being posessed by these lazy girls rather than some energetic peanuts who might throw them around in the snow for hours and maybe even forget them into the ditch for plastic eating nocturnal beasts to feed on. Yuck! But thank walruslords no, so the pink walrus lifts his tusks to a relieved smile while hanging on a soaked girls arm on a way home, knowing they all will stay dry at least until next winter.

Love, Nina

March 8, 2012

bon voyage

I'm finally feeling better today and decided to give my apartment a little spring cleaning and update! Floral duvet cover set and bon voyage and butterflies pillows are from H&M Home. I also put fresh carnations into a vase and got rid of my christmas tree today (this is SO typical for me.. but better late than never, right?8--)). But instead of cramming the xmas lights into a shoebox with other decorations from the tree, I hung them up on the wall. And I'm loving the result. Pretty lights are the best. Now I can feel good about being so industrious and read magazines and eat chocolate on the oh-so-pretty (flower)bed.

Ps. How awful is my cat Myrkur?! I JUST finished cleaning here and I sat down for like ten minutes and when I looked behind me there he was, fresh out of litterbox wiping his poopy butt onto my white shaggy carpet 8------( I can tell you it was NOT very funny at the moment.. But he is so cute, can't stay mad.

Pps. Ihanaa naistenpäivää kaikille naiseksi itsensä kokeville<3

Love, Nina

March 6, 2012

nina in tallinn

So I spent four days last week in a spa in Tallinn, Estonia. Here's a some sort of photo diary of the trip, s'il vous plaît!

wiew from our hotel room window

a little moment of relaxing after a long day of moving from place a to place b

painted my nails to match my bikini 8--)

but next day I got bored of my ugly dry and brittle nails and went to the spa's beauty salon to get a french manicure

going out for some fooooddd. or well, not out since there were super nice restaurants in the hotel and we ended up eating in them every time and only left the place on saturday for a day of shopping 8--)

the hotel

I love the pastel colored houses sooo much!

traditional Estonian woman with constipation?

my shoppings

 these next ones are from a lovely Parisian style café confectionery which was also part of the hotel

I ate waaaaayyyy too many slices of cake there..

Most of the time we were in the spa or in treatments or in the gym where I couldn't take my camera with me, so here's all I immortalized. And guess what, I'm sick again! Just barely got rid of the last flu and now it has kindly made a comback.. Germs you stupid dookies get the heck off me!!!

Ps. For me, spring has officially started!!!<3 as soon as I get better it is time for spring cleaning, fresh flowers and some change of colour palette in my apartment;3 My order from H&M Home I recieved last week is gonna help me with the last part! Yay !!

Love, Nina