October 29, 2012

October 28, 2012

playa del inglés

yeaaah buddyyyy, nice and hot!

Loved the sand dunes. We hiked through 'em almost every day so got good exercise too.

For the last couple days my mom forced me to keep my shirt on 'cause my back was so burned x----) I obeyed for a few hours.. And now the skin on my back and arms is coming off and I look totally diseased..

cursed wind! x((

Romantic message on the sand for my hun Essi!<3<3

I'm a naughty gal, didn't eat my veggies..

..but there was (as always) room for dessert in mah belly! Bounty was my fav flavour of all those goodnesses

Just noticed I got some ice cream on my piercing in this pic lol:----D

A ball is always a must on beach holiday! To throw around and play with in the pool and stuff you know.. This time we found an especially cute one!

Didn't dare to try these..:---D

Is this the cutest popsicle ever or what?!<3

omnomnomnomnomnom and check it out I got tan! Bikini lines and all that shit. My butt is still snow-white, though.. I'ma bacon girl, red and white and striped!

That was last week. One of the best holidays I've had I think. Thanks family for good company and thanks sky spirits for the sunshine.<3 Over and out!

Love, Nina

October 16, 2012

ribcage galaxy

Trying on some newbies. Skeleton back top is from ebay and those awsum galaxy leggings are from Romwe.

This Friday before the sun has even come up I will be sitting (and probably severely panicing..) in a plane on my way to Spain. Haha, rhymed.. Got so much packing and stuff to do I highly doubt that I'm gonna have time to post before I leave and definitely not going to be blogging during the vacation so you'll have to wait a bit longer for my next entry8bb (yeah, like someones waiting for these x---D) Anyway I promise when I'm back I'll have a shitload of superb tourist photos to share with you, haha!8)) Unless the plane falls and.. omg I can't go aaaaaagh sob sob sob..!! Panic!!

Love, Nina

October 14, 2012


The most popular Finnish blog portal Indiedays is innovating during October. 300 invited interesting and good quality blogs joined the new Indiedays Inspiration service that gives the reader an opportunity to find and follow them all on one site. All the new posts show up into the Inspiration section of Indiedays as a pretty flow of pictures. I've already found many new awesome blogs just browsing through it! The beta version is still in the making but it already gives a good picture of what it's gonna be like when ready and open. Would you like to get a prewiev and use the new site before actual launching? To get a little taste before others? If yes, then go to http://indiedays.com/showroom/inspiration/ fill in your email address and keep your fingers and toes crossed that you will be one of the lucky few to get the VIP invitation!;3

Love, Nina

October 10, 2012

hello kitty

biker boots Dinsko
velvet bow bag Seppälä by Paola Suhonen

faux fur leopard jacket ebay
paisley pattern dress 2nd hand

Today I wore my hello kitty nightshirt for most of the day but got dressed a little bit a few hours back as I went to visit a friend. Might have changed into some day clothes but forgot to put on my day face so.. (poorlyx--)) censored!! And today the mailmanwomanperson brought me the cutest and the awesomest and the most unnecessary item a girl can have: a hello kitty usb iphone charging cable!!! How did I ever manage without this, eheh. Ebay, you rock my vain materialistic world..

Love, Nina