January 30, 2012

nina on ice

I've been a bit under the weather all weekend but yesterday I started to feel better and decided to go ice skating because it was sooo pretty outside. Got myself more sick though.. but it was worth it8} One of my favourite things about winter is doing winter sports outdoors. The cold air is so fresh it makes me happy when I breathe it. Ice skating is my ultimate favourite (I always imagine I'm a princess from disney on ice -show, this winter I'm Ariel obviously, 'cause of the hair8))), but sledding, downhill skiing and cross-country skiing all come as close seconds.

And always after getting my nose all runny, cheeks on frostbites and hair full of icicles it is a necessity to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate! I mixed in some nutella and coconut flakes, yummm! And when it comes to marshmallows, no, reasonable amount is not a familiar term to me8---))

Love, Nina

January 20, 2012


Picked up my package from ASOS today, and that's what was inside. A supercool lilac wig and a floral spring jacket that was on sale. I love 'em! What do you think? I still gotta go get the 2nd part of the order tomorrow. So annoying they couldn't come the same time.. Anyway pictures of what's in the package number two coming later. Unless it turns out to be awful and I return it:---D but I think not. and HOPE not!!

Love, Nina

January 14, 2012

mornings can be good

If you put up fresh new flowers, drink your orange juice from a champagne glass, pile your pillows and JUMP ON THEM and just stay there lounging wherever you landed eating breakfast from a cute bowl.

Love, Nina

January 10, 2012

pearl collar

Lilac fjällräven kånken backpack and a pearl collar necklace = my favourite recent purchases.

Love, Nina

January 6, 2012

earth to nina, you there?

I haven't quite made it back to the normal daily rutines after holidays. Leaving my "whenever wherever whatever" state of mind has proved to be harder than expected.. But I'm on my way back to planet earth so see you all there soon!

ps. Sufjan Stevens is so great I want to burst!!

Love, Nina

January 3, 2012

promises, promises

I'm a bit late with this but better now than never, right? Unfortunately I have no photos of my nye because I reasoned that it's best not to take my camera with me and I'm pretty sure it was a good decision.. Wild evening/night/morning indeed! I have two huge and very sore bitemarks on my arm and I'm pretty sure I ate a christmas ornament at some point..? But that's definetely enough about that:---D

Did you make any resolutions? I did! I promised to keep a healthy, body cleansing January. Meaning no alcohol, no junk food, no sweets etc. and much more exercise, healthy food and sleeping. And even after this month I'm gonna keep the January no-nos to a minimum because a longer term resolution of mine is that next summer I want to be able to put on my bikinis, go to a public beach and not feel insecure!! So lots and lots of body pimpin' to do;b

ps. I'm SUPER afraid the world's gonna end this year:(( NOOO I wanna live..

Love, Nina