February 25, 2013

ninabob nopants

I hate pants but I'd like to wear some.. My bum is frozen all the time in my short skirts but I WANNA FLASH MY BUNS stupid winter stupid cold country stupid pants!!

Aaaaaanywayyy.. two outfits from last weekend:

huge rose print winter bomber - flea market
top - ebay (h&m)
lace skirt - h&m
boots - dr martens

pink glitter bow eyeball hair clips - ebay/kreepsville666
yin yang dress - h&m

Love, Nina 

February 14, 2013

the world is pink but I am blue

Leopard faux fur - ebay
lace dress - zara
rose tights - lindex
white lace-up boots (<3) - dinsko

Valentine's day.. YUCK! Being the hopeless romantic that I am, this used to be one of my favourite days of the year. But not this time. I'm sad, lonely and lovelorn so I decided to dedicate this crappy day to breaking hearts! Just shapes, c though.. Mine is already quite fragile and cracked and the other one I feel like I'm given the honor to carry is a heart I will always keep safe and cherish forever. This longing crushes my mind and all these pink treats and chocolate destroy my body. How swell..

Even tho I'm super bitter, I still (almost..x---D) genuinely hope yall's VD has been/will be love filled and dreamy. If not, well, join the club..

Love, Nina

February 12, 2013

kitten knees

Stupid but sweet tights, stupid but sweet life. Fortunately melancholy is the most pleasant unpleasant feeling.

Love, Nina

February 3, 2013

webcam angst

My bf moved to Ireland leaving me here all alone and heart-fucking-broken. Well, as long as my bottle isn't empty my life isn't either. I might not post too much for a while since all I'm able to do right now is cry, drink and play playstation. Bare with me. And bring me smore beer, please. Thanks.

Love, Nina