May 30, 2013

pimp my bike

I pimped the crap outta my bike and now it's the friggin' coolest ride ever!! It can be forseen that little nina's big bum is gonna be sore this summer! And oh yes, my hair is black, suck on that!

Love, Nina

May 26, 2013

May 20, 2013

ukulele shark

My dear rika cut my hair y-day and even tho I was planning on growing these locks they just had to be snipped off with a heavy hand 'cause all of them lenghts looked like something someone dug up from a sewer.. And I actually turned out luvin this short cutiepie cut so all's better than great. Haven't felt this purdy in a while. Meow!

Love, Nina

May 12, 2013

warmin' da flat

Me and my best friend moved in together and we wanted to have a bonkers house warming party and boy oh boy we sure as heck did!

Love, Nina

May 9, 2013

dragon fruit glutton

Was so friggin lovely outside yesterday so had to do some grillin and chillin, ofc! Soap bubbles, dragon fruits, watermelon, yummy bbq grub, beer, marshmallows and mosquito bites. Yup, its summer alright!

Love, Nina

May 7, 2013

roses are red violets are blue fuck you whore

The insides of my head crumble like an old bread but I pick up those crumbs, eat them and smile psychotically.

Love, Nina

May 2, 2013

spicy mayday

90's themed mayday with mah best gurrls, hooray! I went for this spice girls inspired look.. Glitsy and gross, oh yeah.

Could you maybe gimme some ideas for posts? I'm kinda all out..

Love, Nina