October 30, 2011

halloween weekend

▼ candy apple making
▼ candy apple eating
▼ candy skull painting
▼ halloween partying
▼ dildo(?) punch drinking
▼ pumpkin cupcake eating
▼ going into bar looking like that and getting hit on 100000 times more than when in normal make up ?! what's that about :---D 
▼ taking my own straws with me everywhere so the face won't get ruined but after few glasses of wine forgetting all about it and messing up the skull
▼ braking my heel dancing too much and leaving the club to make the very feet-unfriendly walk home
▼ making rench fries and fishsticks at 4 a.m. because even though normally I hate 'em, in that hour and in that state of mind, they are the most delicious thing ever..
▼ having tons of fun!!

That's what my halloween was made of. How about you?:3 Today I'm watching halloween episodes of my favourite tv-shows and halloween movies too, of course. I hate horror movies because usually they have no plot what so ever and I just keep screaming and having heart attacs for nothing. So I decided to watch NICE halloween movies (aka children's movies..) and only one that's possibly actually scary one. Here's what I'm still planning to watch tonight:

pictures of movies from weheartit.com

Love, Nina

October 28, 2011

pumpkin pampering

Weekend left to ask me anything on the comment box of the question post!!! (<--click!) Gimme some hard interrogation people;3

Today I've been feeling a bit sick:( which is a reeeal big bummer especially if it hasn't gone away by tomorrow because tomorrow night is my friend's halloween party and I've been really looking forward to it.. Well however I feel I'm so not NOT going, this flu isn't anything a few painkillers won't defeat.8)) Now I'm drinking some delicious chai tea with honey to cure my sore throat, oh I'm gonna need all the tricks there is to get energy for tomorrow, so much to do.. have to prepair my hair, make up and everything for the candy skull costume, do a halloween manicure, bake those pumpkin cupcakes I'm bringing to the party and.. too much stuff!! Today I've been trying to relax and get myself ready and reloaded for halloween by lying under blankets, eating chocolate and treating myself with a looooong hot shower and sauna with face and hair masks, foot bath and my new delicious smelling spicy pumpkin shower gel!

Have a good and spooky halloween weekend everyone<3

Love, Nina

October 26, 2011

26.10 niina, nina, amanda, ninni, manta

I spent today with my family because it's my name day:3 Most people I know think I'm silly for celebrating it but I really like my name and I wanna show gratitude to lady luck and my parents for not giving me stupid name:D I'm sad though because most finnish calendars don't display my name, only the ones with swedish names also. My whole name is more swedish, though. My surname is a swedish word for taffy 8)) In finnish it only reminds of snow scraper or something.. not as good, eh?:D

Aaaanywayy, mom baked some mouth watering bebe pastries and m&m cookies, we drank wine and chai latte and I even got presents! My classmate gave me the most cheerful flower and my folks gave me a beautiful kimono<3 Sometimes life doesn't seem so bad after all:3

Love, Nina

I've been staring, I've been staring into space

I know my legs are not thin but they are not that thick!! Please believe me!:D Hate that I forget to take pictures of my outfit until it's dark and then hate that I have to use the flash and then hate when the flash casts nice shadows next to my legs so that they look extra fat>(( Especially when the photos were taken from a lot higher than where I stood so makes me look short also.. Oh my.. sorry I whine but I had the most ponderous day and when I'm tired I'm cranky and feel extra ugly! Better get some sleep before it's tomorrow already.. Phewh! goodnight

Love, Nina

October 21, 2011

autumn wardrobe newbies

Here's what I brought home from last weekend's Helsinki visit:

quilted jacket from Monki
teal pom pom beanie and scarf from Zara

burgundy cable knit and white and forrest green basic button up knits from Zara

 pleated dress Monki

Love, Nina

October 19, 2011

these autumn days

It's dark, cold and scary outside. The gray noisy moving sky frightens me!! Thank goodness it's warm and cozy inside so I can eat apple cinnamon ice cream, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and watch the new episode of HIMYM safely under blankets! I need earplugs though.. I can hear the awful apocalypse (aka wind) noises at night when TV and other safe sounds are off and can't sleep! And if can I see nightmares:( When I go out I want pretty orange-yellow-red leaves, sunny clear sky and migratory bird quacking sounds only thank you very much!!! Happy times 8)))

Love, Nina

October 18, 2011


Spent last weekend with Heini in Helsinki. We went pole dancing (my first time), shopping and celebrated oktoberfest! I'm so bruised from "rockin' the pole".. yeah.. I rocked it allright. If rocking it means shaking and not being able to get your feet detached from the floor:----( Nooooo, I think I was allright for a beginner. My shoppings I'm gonna show you later but I can tell you that now I don't have to worry getting too cold in the winter! Lovely warm knits and a winter coat are now crossed from my to-buy list. And the oktoberfest, yay! We tried to drink beer but it didn't went so well, ew.. Fortunately we had a lot (and i mean a lot!) of wine.8) Besides drinking we also ate bratwurst with broccoli braised in cream, snacked pretzels and listened to rammstein. Oh yeah and watched some old videos from when we were like.. 15? Haha I was so embarrassing:D But anyways I had such a good time, thanks Heini<3

here's what I wore to our shopping spree (had to hide my face.. I find myself uglier and uglier everyday:( )

duffel jacket from Primark
flower dress and hat H&M
backpack Seppälä

we put our hair to milkmaid braids in the German spirit!

Have you celebrated oktoberfest already? If not then hurry now before Halloween comes and steals all attention!:D Good night!

Love, Nina

October 17, 2011

my trip to spain

Hi guys! I'm back from Spain, or well, have been forever already, but it's been hard as hell getting back to normal life after the trip. Fortunately today began our one week long fall holiday from school, so I feel more relaxed, full of energy and ready to get back in business! Here is a little photo diary of my fun trip to the sunny coast of Spain.

The days were made of...

...hanging at the seaside..

...drinking milkshakes at promenade ice cream bars...

...picking up breakfast stuff from the nearby supermercado...

...and eating it on the balcony...

...getting ready for sun bathing...

...lounging by the pool...

...drinking mojitos at the pool baar...

...lying on the beach...

...and swimming in the ocean.<3

The nights were made of...

 ...waiting around while the boys were skateboarding...

...a little romance at the seaside...

...making our way to our nighlty hangout place through pretty alleys...

...checking out the feria festival...

...and in the small hours counting how many roses were bought for me. Yes, it was very difficult counting to two at that hour because of the, umm.. tiredness 8))

Had a lot of fun! But also I felt like it was stupid that I came home being ten times more tired and worn out than I was when I left.. But what did I expect from spending a week with two guys whose favourite sentence of the whole vacation was "let's have another beer".. A bit more relaxing and peaceful trip for me next time please!

Love, Nina