September 30, 2012

been doin' some pimpin'

Been sick and bored outta my mind so decided to kill some time by modifying some flea market finds. I didn't remember to take any before pictures but the denim dungaree dress and those denim shorts (cut from old jeans) were just dark blue denim and the dress was plain white. Dress and shorts only got some dyeing treatment but dungaree dress thingy got also shortened and ripped from few spots. They are all prettier irl than in these godawful photos. The lighting of this damn old house is to blame but I quess you can mostly figure out what I've accomplished from this set of gifs. I'm pleased with how all three turned out. Yay. Bye.

Love, Nina

September 29, 2012

bienvenidos a mexico

Last weekend's mexico party: tequila, sombreros, moustaches, margaritas, nachos, crappy props and sangria! also vomit and futile drama.. But mainly it was fun fun, muho bueno!! 8----))

Love, Nina

September 23, 2012

sunday instagram

First up I want to ask you for some opinions/ideas! I was pondering whether or not I should make a video post here? Would you be interested in such? And if so, what should the video be about?:D Talking/no talking? Showing my outfit? How I do my makeup? Something else? Please, do tell!:3

And then to the (very otiose) point. Some shots taken with myPhone during the weekend:

Top two: nina-pedro sipping some mojito long drink on friday at our mexico party. More on that later. Friday turned into saturday and mexico turned into spain as we celebrated my parents' anniversary with a spain themed family feast. That huge pan of the most delicious paella was the main course and oh boy is my tummy still bulging..
Middle two: Oh yeah and the fact that I made and ate a pile of french toasts today did not make the ready-to-explode-stomach situation any easier..
Bottom two: Feeling so nostalgic as I found and saved these old (and weird! seriously the fuck's with that doll on the left? sexless naked and head shaped like an onion..?! I love it! :D<3) toys as mom brought them outta our basement and was going to sell 'em. I'm going to scatter these around my apartment. The necklace I'm using as a headband is also some old "toy jewellery" that my lil' sister got from some kids' princess magazine ages ago8---D But I love all things mermaidy so totally going to steal this and take into good use.

Love, Nina

September 22, 2012

September 18, 2012

winter sneaker love

These awesome babies arrived today. They're from and I have a little hunch these warm buddies are gonna be glued to my feet all winter. Which btw could come already I wanna use these now! *grunt grunt grunt*

Love, Nina

September 16, 2012


scarf - H&M
lace dress - ZARA
Jacket and bag - 2nd hand
shoes - ebay

LOVE how my hair turned out! And those shoes, ahhhh! The outfit above is from last night. Me and my boyfriend spent a romantic evening togeather. He made me dinner and all, aw<3 Now I'm at my parents' spending a lazy sunday. We're making falafel, yum!!

Love, Nina

September 15, 2012


ATM I'm loving my new leopard creepers (from ebay) and dying my hair. New shoes and new hair to be seen in action later! Yes, I don't know any synonyms for the word new.. NEW NEW NEW NEW NYAN NYan nyan nyan.

Love, Nina

September 14, 2012

myrkur the talking cat

I love my hello kitty lunchbox!! Always brings joy to my schoolday to dig this outta my bag:3

Every morning the minute I wake up and move even the tinyest bit, Myrkur appears from nowhere like a flash, slumps next to my bed and starts talking cat to me. "Good morning mother dear!" he meows. Haha probably more like "About time you woke up you lazy bitch I'm hungry!!!"

He also likes to show off his awesome moves. This is the fake handstand. Or pawstand.. Sick skillz cat bro!<3

Essi got us some gumball machine rings and now she's officially my bff.<3

Tonight was a sushi night with J and Rika. We gorged ourselves some major sushi overdoses, watched Moomins and laughed our butts off. moominTROLL indeed..x))

ps. vastailkaas vielä äkkiä tuohon sivupalkissa olevaan kyselyjutskaan! Vastanneille olisi lahjakorttejakin jaossa!

Love, Nina

September 11, 2012

life on mars

camo jacket-ONLY
sequin beret-Seppälä
bag-2nd hand

Today's ensemble. Wearing many newbies for the first time and love 'em all. Especially that burgundy dress, so perfect! Bought the same one in black too 'cause way good (and cheap!) dresses don't come along that often.. Also fancy my new sequin beret though I'd prefer a silver one.. Haven't found one yet so had to get this black one for a temporary substitute.8)) Cat-eye sunglasses also got thumbs up. My mom bought them for me from such glamorous place as Prisma, a local supermarket haha. Thanks mom! Oh and mother dear, if u reading this please skip the next part8---)

I'm so broke right now, spent all my money ordering clothes, shoes and such and such from ebay and some other places.. DAMN NINA! Right now I'm a bit pissed with myself for being such a dork with my money but I know I'm gonna be so ridiculously overjoyed when the packages start arrivingx)) Oh the materialist's bliss.. And noodles with ketchup doesn't sound so bad, erm..

But now I am going to be a good girl and wash my bathroom sink, ewwww! Bye!

Love, Nina

September 7, 2012

all things forbidden

A few webcam photos showing off my new piercing and my new haircut (thank you Rika and salamasalonki<3). I love this piece of metal but I hate restrictions!! Can't (or well, ain't supposed to x)) smoke, drink alcohol, eat with a fork or kiss my boyfriend!! All my favourite things 8((

Hei tyypit! Olisin superiloinen jos malttaisitte  käyttää hetken ajastanne ja vastata tuohon sivupalkissa majailevaan lukijakyselyyn, kiitti!:3

Love, Nina

September 5, 2012

vertical medusa

Got it, love it. Hurt like hell, though.. Now I can't eat or drink properly and my lip is all swallen and there's a bruise that looks like I've been sucking some pen or something boo! And yeah my hair is blonde but not for long! Had to remove the old colour 'cause my new hair dye is on it's way to my head;b

Love, Nina

September 1, 2012

august instagram

I apologise for the silence here but since school started again a couple of weeks ago I've been a bit stagnant.. Even though I have super short schooldays and have really been doing nothing I have found no time for anything else but hiding between covers watching telly. And this week the last two of my wisdom teeth were taken out and it was oh, so painful! My mouth is still aching, trying to chew solid foods gives me real hard time and there are cute yellow bruises on my chin, ewww... As you might have guessed I have not even touched my camera but luckily my addiction for instagram has not gone anywhere! So here are some randoms from the last month:

1. & 2. Art class progenies I made in school. For once I'm kinda pleased with my makings

3. & 4. Made covers for my new calendar. Frank in the front and Bob in the back

5. On a picnic with my boyfriend 6. Bought me these draw-on-streets chalks and tried 'em out with Essi

7. I made these rainbow cupcakes for my godsons bday party 8. Tried frozen yoghurt and liked it oh yes

9. Last weekend me, Essi, J and Rika had an UFO theme party (you can find photos from the party in their blogs). I put on black contact lenses to be alienish but with my pink hair I looked more like some manga/anime character.. Cut myself a fringe btw did u notice 8)) 10. This is what I'm planning to wear tonight for mine and Essi's jungle party! I'm tarzan obviously..

Love, Nina