June 30, 2011

and I can taste it, It's my sweet beginning

So yesterday was the perfect beach day! We played volleyball and just sat in the sun at a very popular local beach, so there was lots and lots of people there.. I didn't remember to take my camera with me there but later we went barbecuing and swimming to this lovely quiet little beach away from downtown and there Ihad my paparazzi gear with me.;3 There was no one else in sight, we just grilled some mushrooms and chicken, listened to upbeat summer chill out music, drank some cold beverages and swam around in the warm water during sunset.  l o v e d it!!<3

Playsuit H&M
Scarf worn as headband was from H&M too but it got m.i.a. during our swim:((( 

Love, Nina

June 29, 2011

could have been able to pay my bills, but this was so much worth to me

I bought a lovely shirt from sale yesterday and of course I had to immediatly wear it! I threw it on when I went for an evening soda to a beer garden at the harbour with my friends. Here's the shirt in action and the rest of the outfit too:

The shirt goes just perfectly with my moccasins, don't you think?

Shirt from Lindex (-50%)
Bag and moccasins H&M
Hat Lindex

I did some more small summer sale shopping yesterday and this is what else came home with me:

A fanny pack, seriously? YES! I find this invidual very cute and not tourist at all! It's also from Lindex and it was 70% off so only like three euros! The little daisy-print purse for my ice cream money is from H&M but it wasn't on sale.

Now I think i'm gonna head to a store to buy myself some snacks and refreshments since we're going to go play volleyball and hang out on the beach later. Have a lovely day everyone! Ciao!

Love, Nina

June 27, 2011

my midsummernight

Our midsummerparty at the summer cottage was just awesome! We swam in the freezing lake (my first swim this summer, yay!), ate lovely foods like stuffed mushrooms and strawberry-mango-pineapple-marshmallow sticks and drank midsummerpotions until five a.m. so pretty great!<3 Some little distruction occurred, such as the pier collapsing and all the garden benches falling to pieces, no biggie..8)) Here some photooooosss:

Bye bye pier! ©photo by ilari

Well the one responsible for killing the pier got what he deserved, down the lake went bad boy too! 

The feeling when morning light REALLY burns your eyes..

Love, Nina

June 23, 2011

välkommen in

Dress Zara
Cardigan Vero Moda
Clutch H&M
Shoes Bronx, Spirit Store

So here's what I wore to the confirmation party last sunday. I'm gonna share more photos of the event here as soon as I'm finished organizing them, I can tell you I took more than few photos!:D And I apologize I haven't been able to post for a few days, I was staying at my boyfrien's and I couldn't get the internet to work.:(

Tomorrow me and a small bunch of my friends are heading to my summer cottage in the countryside. We are gonna have a lovely midsummer party there! Swimming in the lake, bbq, drinking cold sangria and burning the midsummer pyre al night long! I'm trying to remember to take my camera with me and take maaaany photos. Now it's time to go buy foods and drinks for tomorrow, see ya!

Ps. my butt is not pointy, it's the dress rumpled under the cardi!!!:------((

Love, Nina

June 17, 2011

she smelled of daisies, she drive me crazy

Dotted jumpsuit H&M
Powder pink cardi Vero Moda

Today I'm:
♥ loving my new daisy headband from H&M
♥ afraid of goats, they have the most scary eyes!
♥ thinking that flowers are often more pretty in other places than traditional flowerbeds 
♥ missing my cat terribly. he's staying at my boyfriend's this weekend because I have so much to do with my sister's confirmation party coming up this sunday

What's been up with you guys today?:3

Love, Nina

June 16, 2011

yes oh my gosh

I haven't been doing much anything for a few days. Just hang out at my boyfriend's and now I'm gonna go bake some more buns for my sister's upcoming confirmation. So toodle-oo!

Love, Nina

June 14, 2011

days spent in kitchen

♥ my grandma had a name day yesterday and we didn't remember it 'til in the evening so we quickly baked a cake (1&6) and I made a card (2) by splashing watercolour on paper and then we invited her over
♥ cats are so sad looking when they meow but when you take a picture while they do it they look super evil and not sad at all! (3)
♥ I don't like eggs very much but if they are poached (I find that good foods taste not-so-good if the texture and looks are poor and bad foods taste not-so-bad if those aspects are fine) and served with bacon they taste kinda lovely (4)
♥ evening snack, or well any meal, gets a lot better eaten from cute tableware, don't you think? My PBJs and macaron and homemade juice certainly tasted even sweeter from mom's vintage coffee cup and plate (5)

Yeah, I've been eating a lot!:DD

Love, Nina

June 12, 2011

when did we start the end?

A few nights back we had a sudden urge for salty liquorice and ice cream, so we borrowed dad's convertible and drove to the nearest convenience store to make those cravings go away. We put  down the roof and took a detour through some quiet roads in the middle of fields because the evening was so pretty as the sun was just setting. It felt like I was in a Sofia Coppola(<3) movie or something, dreamy!

Love, Nina

June 9, 2011

I love the tiny veins on your back, they remind me of the way that porcelain cracks

Todays outfit: Crochet detailed top from H&M
Hat belongs to my sister
Wedges from Dinsko

As the hugest map lover ever I was veeery pleased when my mom gave these to me as a gift! There are 24 different vintage map picture magnets in the box, cool!<3

Love, Nina

June 7, 2011

'cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home

Today I was outside nearly the whole day, just lolled (xD stupid word), walked around, sauntered to our summerhouse, ate ice cream, took some photos, read magazines and books, listened to music (the kooks<3) and burned a little in the sun. It was very lovely and hot outside but I got a little annoyed not to be able to go swimmimg because of the tattoos.. Shower after a long hot summer day is just not the same as a dip in the lake! Not a bit!


Bed time for me now, have to get up early (what do you mean 10 a.m. isn't early? you're nuts!) to bake buns! Hope it's sunny tomorrow too so my copying paper coloured skin might actually tan for the first time ever this summer. I had a few solarium treatments during the spring so my skin would get a bit base before hot summer sun. Worked! Didn't burn almost at all today and I spent way longer in the sun than ever before without turning red as a lobster on a plate! And my thighs have actually catched some colour! I'm super happy.

Love, Nina