January 26, 2013

mah crib

I know that no one gives a shit about my apartment SO I MADE A POST ABOUT IT, NER! ha-ha..
I live in a tiny student flat so it's not ideal for decorating and stuff but I've managed to make it tolerable for my eyeballs. Here are my fav parts (mostly details) in this snug little nest:


-Love, Nina

January 13, 2013

daisy diy

daisy headband -diy
yin yang dress - h&m
leopard faux fur - ebay
boots - dr martens
bag - topshop 

Yesterday I was bitten by a diy bug and during the evening I sewed those two crop tees, scribbled on the other one (I'm seriously in luuuuuuv with the result!!) and put togeather that cute daisy headband. Below's what I wore today. Just had to immediately put dat thang on my head and strut around proud! I've done so much (on my scale) creating this weekend I'm probably not gonna be able to accomplish a thing in the next like six months or so 8--------} Like my doings?

Love, Nina

January 11, 2013

5ever mr daniels

Second hand denim jacket after my trashing treatment. It looks totally stupid but qewl. I like it. 2 euroz of mah moneyyy and 30 minutes of mah time well spent.

Love, Nina

January 9, 2013

fat rose

faux fur coat - asos
ripped rose sweater - sheinside
dress underneath - h&m
flatform sneakers - ebay
beanie - vans
scarf - monki

Oh, I just love how I never manage to take ootd or any other photos during daylight and after dusk have to use flash which creates beautiful shadows behind my legs making them look like they belong to an elephant<3 Fuck.

Love, Nina