March 8, 2012

bon voyage

I'm finally feeling better today and decided to give my apartment a little spring cleaning and update! Floral duvet cover set and bon voyage and butterflies pillows are from H&M Home. I also put fresh carnations into a vase and got rid of my christmas tree today (this is SO typical for me.. but better late than never, right?8--)). But instead of cramming the xmas lights into a shoebox with other decorations from the tree, I hung them up on the wall. And I'm loving the result. Pretty lights are the best. Now I can feel good about being so industrious and read magazines and eat chocolate on the oh-so-pretty (flower)bed.

Ps. How awful is my cat Myrkur?! I JUST finished cleaning here and I sat down for like ten minutes and when I looked behind me there he was, fresh out of litterbox wiping his poopy butt onto my white shaggy carpet 8------( I can tell you it was NOT very funny at the moment.. But he is so cute, can't stay mad.

Pps. Ihanaa naistenpäivää kaikille naiseksi itsensä kokeville<3

Love, Nina


  1. I LOVE anything H&M Home. And carnations. And I love love love Christmas lights. I definitely keep mine up year round on my bookcase.

    1. yeah I saw your bookcase with lights when I was browsing through your blog earlier, they looked amazing!:3

  2. ompa söpö toi tyyny <3! :)) muutenki tosi kiva blogi sulla!

  3. toi tyyny on ehkä ihanin ikinä ! tykästyin sun blogiin tosi paljon :)

  4. rakastuin just sun blogiis ! kivan hempeee ja ihania kuvia 8)