February 24, 2012

Diana, I love you!

Soooooo my dear readers, here's what came in the mysterioys package I mentioned earlier. Diana F+ film camera! I love it so much! The only problem I'm having is that I don't want to waste the film on pointless and stupid photos so I'm gonna wait for perfect situations, conditions etc for photographing, BUT because of this I'm gonna have to wait possibly way too long to get the film full and developed so I can even see the shots I've taken.. And I just don't feel like waiting at all aaaarghH!!! But this is not going to ruin my happiness about owning this absolutely gorgeous little thingamajig!

Love, Nina

February 20, 2012

each feather it fell from skin

retarded face excuse: cannot see from photos but the wind was nuts!

I'm crazy about this coat from ASOS, it's all I wanna wear! For all my other outerwear: deepest apologies for neglecting you but when you fall in love you fall in love you know. I still care about you too! I feel compunction for the stupidest things. I feel it now for calling my coats stupid things!! oh my..

Love, Nina

February 19, 2012

like paper cuts soundtrack number two

On this spotify playlist you'll find most of the songs I've linked to my posts since the first playlist. Go to playlist by clicking image or playlist's name beneath it.

Ps. also go listen to the new album from Pariisin Kevät!! <-click! <3

Love, Nina

February 15, 2012

bonne saint valentin

Here's what my valentine's day looked like. :} Went to the supermarket in the morning to get pretty roses, pink candles and sushi. For dessert I enjoyed a mazarine pastry my mom had made me, yum! She also gave me that super lovely breakfast at tiffany's box! She's the best<3 Then I painted my nails pink and strolled into a nearby café to get a cup of latte with a few friends. They had super delicious raspberry macarons I just couldn't resist! Haha, why is most of my valentine's day concentrated on theme appropriate food?:--D Can't answer that but gorging continued later that night when me and my boyfriend ate an enormous pizza and chocolates while watching movies.

So no complains about my valentine's day, it was certainly love filled and romantic, a nice change to my usual mood these days.. How did all of yours love day go? Got kissed?;3

Love, Nina

February 9, 2012

it's cold so.. FUR

All winter I've had a hankering for a cute faux fur coat so I ordered these beauties from asos sales! The left one is much more blush pink than it appears on the photo and the right one is veeeery pale lilac. I absolutely adore them<3 Now I feel like wearing my pink fur and watching the movie Almost Famous 8----) Wonder why: D

Love, Nina

February 2, 2012

you're still the one pool where I'd happily drown

Being sick has made me blue. My head is so heavy for my neck to carry. I feel like only saying or writing short sentences. All the flowers in this house are DEAD! Oh world I love you but you're bringing me down.

Love, Nina