July 19, 2011

pink things

All spring and summer I've wanted a barbie pink lipstick and now finally I found one! This isn't quite as bright as my dream lipstick would have been and I would have wanted a matte one, but this is the best I could find so.. let's be satisfied!

my snake bites holes have still not faided.. and I do not have food between my teeth it's my smiley!

wearing my pink shorts of course!

also got this super cute hello kitty friend's book, mainly so that I can write in it myself:--D Have I ever told you how much I LOVE writing in friend's books? well I do! already filled three pages since last night:--)

I still feel like throwing up but things are a bit better, hope they will get even more so! Have a pretty day you all!

Love, Nina

July 17, 2011

alive, almost..

I'm so sorry it's been so quiet here, but I've had a totally shitty week and I hadn't had strenght to do anything else than play the sims 3 and try not to cry.. Even though I'm still feeling a bit blue, maby even more so because yesterdays clubbing night was a disaster, I'm gonna force myself to do something and share my yesterdays outfit. Well I did change for the club but almost all day this is what I wore:

 Denim shirt (shoulders ripped open by me) from H&M

Now I promise to you, dear readers, I will try my hardest to be active here no matter how I feel but don't abandon me if I fail a little. As annoying it is, you can't help your feelings and I happen to be the oversensitive every-little-feeling-feels-100000000times-worse-than-on-a-normal-person -girl.. :( What happens tomorrow will pretty much make or totally break me so, let's hope for the best!

Hey maybe you can throw me with some ideas of what kind of posts you would like me to make? So whatever happens with my moods, at least I have something to do and not just sit and stare at walls and wallow in all the misery!! Bye now!

Love, Nina

July 12, 2011


Ask me anything http://formspring.me/lpcnina

(I don't yet quite know how to use this properly but I think I'll figure it out:D anyways, ask ask ask!!)

ruisrock 2011

sorry for bad photos, didn't have the guts to take my own canon with me so we had to manage with our old crappy camera..

Weekend in Ruisrock was awesome because:

♥ it was ny first music festival so the excitement made everything even cooler

♥ Scandinavian Music Group, The National and The Prodigy were SOOO good I almost cried! Did you hear that at the Prodigy gig people jumped around so hard the earth started to sink?! It was awesome! Felt like an earthquake and you actually saw the ground moving under your feet!

♥ loved the group we hanged out there with. One twosome was especially entertaining as they slept both nights in their collapsed tent (yes, they are two "grown" men and they couldn't get their tent together..:D) and caused all kind of trouble you could imagine

♥ the chill and united athmosphere just made everything the best!

♥ greasy festival foods were YUMMY! I fell deeply in love with some chinese noodle dish, there were chicken and veggies in it and some delicious hot sauce

Weekend in Ruisrock was not-so-awesome because:

♣ the camping area was piece of shit! it was located one bus ride and three kilometers of walking away from the festival area (not very nice when SO hot weather every day and you have to walk that two times a day with thousands of other people on a tiny path through woods so not very fast moving either..) AND the camping area was on a field, not a nice green grass field but dry pointy and stingy field! not a step without footwear or you have some stick in your sole. AND there was absolutely no shadow on the entire huge area, and during the day (everyday sunny and superhot, not a cloud in the sky) it was tourment for an easy-burner like myself. the tent was no option for a shelter because it was boiling hot inside there during sunny hours. phewh!

♣ I got burned real bad because of the above. still now I am hot red from my face, arms and legs, and my forehead and nose burned so bad they are now completely swallen and I look like that blue character from the Avatar movie.. Also my toes got rubbed so badly from all that walking I still cannot get shoes on my feet, it hurts too much..:(

♣ we missed sunday on the festival, because everyone was SO tired and exhausted and my (and others' too) badly burned skins and rubbed toes and awful hangover made us grave home to shower and soft beds. so we left and I think it was a good desicion even though I so badly would've wanted to see Fleet Foxes..

♣ the car ride home was terrible, I cried almost the whole way because I felt so sick. wanted to throw up because of hangover, burned skin hurt like hell and I was sure our driver was still drunk so I was afraid we were all gonna die

Love, Nina