November 30, 2011

oh, hello xmas vibes

Last photo from

I'm totally feeling christmassy already with my tree up and decorated, cabinets full of christmas pastries and glogg, candles burning everywhere and on the bacround the christmas album of She & Him (<-click to open in spotify). The only thing missing is the snow.. Why won't you fall already?!

Love, Nina

November 24, 2011

champagne and marshmallows

A few shots from my birthday party last weekend. Champagne and marshmallows always mean a lovely time.

Love, Nina

November 22, 2011


Winter is here! It was snowing on my way home from school. I didn't know how icy it was outside and I put on my propably most slippery shoes. Mistake! Even though I love watching the first snow falling, I find this transition from fall to winter kinda tricky.. It's too cold for my autumn jackets but way too early to wear big superwarm winter coats (I really would want to but I'm afraid of the odd looks I'd get from most of the people here who still walk around in just hoodies and such, what's wrong with you?! damn me for being such a cold sensitive chilly ass..). I'm eagerly waiting for the good freeze, ice and snowdrifts though, so I can go ice-skating<3

Love, Nina

birthday aftermath

Last thursday was my 20th birthday. On saturday we had a party. Yesterday I ate leftover marshmallows and threw the balloons out of my window. Til next year, bday!

Love, Nina

November 16, 2011

my new hair!!!


In this last photo the colour matches reality best. damn this darkness, no way to get good photos.. at least with my skills 8(( Anyway they are dark red with a hint of magenta. Like red wine<3

Do you ike it? I think I do a lot:3

Love, Nina

November 14, 2011


Sundays, the black hole days.. They always feel like blank lost time (except the couple hours long stomach flu attacks that sometimes are a part of my sundays, them I always remember very clearly..) and then you wake up and it's monday and you're even more tired than before the 25 hours of lizard-like sleep.. I tried to make today as relaxing as possible so tomorrow wouldn't be like a pile of puke. Tea drinking, long hot shower, burning candles, manicure with cute lilac colour and sparkle, short (so I won't lose my night's sleep) but peaceful napping in my crashed bed and watching the big bang theory and frasier. Fingers crossed that this worked and monday will be tolerable!

 Love, Nina

November 12, 2011


Lost shoes, too much white wine, too little pizza, never have I ever, collapsed bed, broken christmas ornaments, hummingbirds and ice tea with bubbles. That was our yesterday's 3x11 party made of.. I found two euros inside my rug when cleaning this morning, yay! I tried to be smart and didn't go with my boyfriend to mcdonald's this morning, thought I'd cyckle to a supermarket and buy something healthy. Ended up buying and eating a huge amount of noodles and sausages which I would have never ever bought if I hadn't been so hangover and confused.. I think I'm gonna take a looooong sleep, starting right after maybe just one more episode of the big bang theory.

Love, Nina

November 8, 2011


My favourite piece of jewellery that I got from my awesome friend<3

Love, Nina