April 29, 2012

saturday morning

Was so inspired by this project of Hanna, her sister and Peeta, I decided to get rid of my dyeing virginity! I want to do a bunch of cool coloured shorts for the summer but I thought I'd start with something simpler. Also I do not own any shorts to dye yet so that might have had something to do with this decision too..:----D anyways I dyed my old top, forgot to take a before shot but it's the same I had on in this picture for example. Anyways here's what happened:

these are the colours I used

and there's mah top taking a pink bath

nothing to do with nothing

brunch break!

got bacon, got poached eggs, got beans, got croissants, got toast, got chocolate chip pancakes..

...got raspberry-peach-mango smoothie, got apple juice, got herbal tea.. pretty much got everything!

yum! also got a nice bloated tummy after finishing that..8---)

okay back to the dyeing!
result<3 perfect, thinks I!

Love, Nina

April 27, 2012

like any other schoolday

except it wasn't!

We don't have school next monday and tuesday so our class celebrated May Day today! We decided to have a costume party and I was some kind of fairy.(?) Gonna use those wings again on monday for the actual first of May celebrations. It is most definetely going to be so much fun! We have great plans including magical creature prostitutes theme, lots of.. erm, enchanted potions! and mad raving too, hmm.. 8-----)

Love, Nina

April 23, 2012

share with me the sun you forget sometimes it's yours

Yesterday I sat on my boyfriend's balcony in a terrible hangover but I was so so so happy my heart almost exploded even more than my head! Needed no jacket, t-shirt was fine. Almost no snow left in sight and sunbeams burning my face, could almost feel the freckles starting to push through my cheeks!! Ate my first ice cream of the spring too, but I only realized that it was the first one after already eating the whole thing 8----(( I was a bit sad 'cause if I'd known I would have appreciated the moment a lot more.. Now I just gobbled it like an idiot noooooo! My boyfriend laughed at me for being upset for such dorky thing but then again, if that was the crummiest moment of my day, I think it was pretty good one!:3

Love, Nina

April 20, 2012

feet don't fail me now

get outta my shot!!

People dropping like flies around me with stomach flu, hope I'll get spared.. I wanna go give my new shoes a test drive in the nightlife tomorrow soooo speaking gibberish to my toilet would not fit into my plans at ALL! Those pretty new shoes are from Dinsko, denim jacket and sailor bag I found from flea market. Oh yeah and filnally got myself a new looovely scent after looking for one like forever, nothing just seemed to click with my nose until this D&G L'impératrice appeared in front of me today. Now my nostrils are in love!

ps. E, cutie who I met at Wiltsu few weeks back, I'm still kinda sure you were just messing with me! but kisses to you anyways! and sorry I was so drunk.. 8----)

Love, Nina

April 19, 2012


Wisdom teeth removed, stitches in bleeding gum craters, half human half hamster, much painkillers..
Broken back, three hours in the hospital crying like a child and walking like a granny, sitting in hospital lobby with like a thousand actual grannies waiting to get their moles checked, much MUCH more painkillers..
Sounds like fun right?-.- That's my last two weeks in a nutshell! Ok, good stuff too like nautical birthday frolicking and skins marathon sleepover! But anyways now everything finally seems to be getting better and I'm begging please please please, whatever disease, leave me alone for awhile, ok?

Bought some things today:

Joined the Isadora hair mascara club, gonna test them this weekend! And I found a cute skirt from the flea market. Cost 1e.

Love, Nina

April 12, 2012

what could have caused this horrendous chocolate hangover?

It was EASTER!! And I've got evidence right here:

Them awful awful birdies made a nest in my hair and controlled me! I swear it was not my own brain telling my hand to dig into the bowl of chocolate!! Several times!!!

Yep, that's the one. Picture taken before bird invasion..

I was also bitten by a dessert bug! Baked these easter themed peaches and cream cupcakes, yumm

 Also made these super cute and delicious easter egg desserts for our family easter meal. They are chocolate eggs with cheesecake filling and a mango-passionfruit heart inside. Cool, huh?8---) Original recipe here!

The lamb was sooooo goood!!

Okay, maybe it was worth this still ongoing bloated feeling. Splendid Easter! How was yours?

Love, Nina

April 4, 2012


Gonna go see these guys (<33333) tomorrow!

And hey come on! Go ask me maaaany more questions on the qna post comment box (<--click!!) ok?<3 you only have two days left!

ps. You can follow me in instagram, I'm ninabisous.8----)

Love, Nina