March 26, 2012

seed spitters anonymous

My outfit of the day. Whoops, forgot to close my backpack for the photos and ofc didn't notice until already in my birthday suit watching these pictures from my laptop.

I have the worst habit of spitting the seeds on the floor, or well, everywhere when eating mandarins, clementines etc. I don't even notice when I do it but it's super annoying to find the seeds stuck to my socks all the time! And it is also annoying when I accidentally do it somewhere else than home and people start yelling at me..:( I can't stand to be yelled at like at all! I start crying. What is a girl to do.. 8----( And you are very welcome for having to hear this soooo important and huge and dramatic problem of mine. Toodles!

Love, Nina


  1. Hair <3 Beautiful colour!

  2. I have the same backpack! It's the best. And I honestly love that hair color on you.

  3. miksi luovuit niistä punasista pidennyksistä ja väristä muutenkin mitä sul oli joskus :o

    1. ne oli ollut jo puoli vuotta ja en ikinä jaksa samanlaisia hiuksia sen pidempään:D eli siis ihan täysin kyllästymisen ja vaihtelunhalun takia luovuin niistä jep.