April 28, 2013

don't be afraid of those who drink love like water

 jacket - sheinside
flower dress - h&m
flatform sneakers - ebay

Finally the weather allowed me to dig my fav jacket from the closet, oh yeah! Jesus and a disturbed cat being a potty mouth.. too darn funny! I want french fries RIGHT NOW! gimme gimme gimme!!

Love, Nina

April 19, 2013

voodoo-ah give me karma

Got my new bindis today. They arrived in a weird fabric pouch and wrapped inside an indian medicine ad, lol. I'm going to rave hard tomorrow, have to get some sleep storaged 'cause gonna dance allllll nighttttt longgggg yeahhhh!!!

Love, Nina

April 12, 2013

metal boobs

Something I wore earlier this week. Or last week. Don't remember blah blah whaeva but guess what! I pierced my nipples and probably never gonna post outfit photos again 'cause all I wanna do is be naked and stare at my now-so-awesome tits. Boo(bs)-yaa!

April 10, 2013

the creeps

 plaid skirt - flea market
creepers - ebay
top - h&m
sunnies - ebay
eyeball cross necklace - ebay

While eating spaghetti in candle light with my friends (looking more like undead junkies fillin' up than the romantic scene it sounds like lol) I was happy but also got really scared and now I hear all my anxiety and loneliness creeping up on me. Hoping they will not catch up I put on my creepers and try to creep away from 'em. Fingers crossed that this escape is a success..

Love, Nina

April 8, 2013

helsinki ink MMXIII

all pics from rikababe's camera

Saturday went by listening to tattoo guns buzzing and eyeballing all the ink coolness at helsinki ink tattoo convention. Obviously had to get a tat myself and since my mum's bday was right around the corner thought I would surprise her with an old school russian doll dedicated to her. She is the most awesomest mother and woman all in all I have ever met, luv u mum!<3 Dolly was made by the mega talented british tattoo pro Richie Clarke from Forever True. (First I thought about getting it spelled mom instead of mum but then I realized that from my perspective it would say WOW and well, erm... I do not love the game THAT much x DDD

Thanks a ton Rika and Jinka for superb company!!<33

Love, Nina