June 29, 2012

hair's good all's good



Your eyeballs probably registered the information already but I'm gonna repeat anyway. Coloured my hair pink yesterday!! The result made me ridiculously happy and I'm pretty sure my brain turned pink too.

ps. essi you were right about the banana slugs, love love!

Love, Nina

June 25, 2012

mah midsummer

Turquoise magic potion, turquoise tongues, midsummer pyre, bald scary snarling essibro, piss on shoes, failed shucking, gettin' dark in the park, baracuta jacket straight outta england oh yeah very important!!(?:---D), dancing (all witnesses shut up, it was dancing I swear!) till brains mushed, angry walk home, passed out man in hallway, passed out nina on livingroom floor + next morning mcdonald's to the rescue. that's about it. good times!!

June 21, 2012

sky-blue wellies

Today I fell asleep in the middle of bushes (never wake me up before 1 p.m. on my summer vacation or I start to remind a narcoleptic), went to our summer cottage with my folks and had a barbecue, swam for the first time this summer (hrrrrr.. still in hypothermia), had a leech on my toe and ate a ton of fresh fruit. Tomorrow is midsummer day's eve and I have great plans! Actually.. now that I think about it I have almost no plans at all!! But the company I'm having no plans with is great so it's gonna be great. Great, huh? Problem? No? Great!

Love, Nina

June 20, 2012


There was evil in my apartment and my cat was missing. I was out of breath and terrified. Someone had just been there with me but I couldn't remember anymore. I just remembered a distorted head that was kinda faceless but then again it had a face. And the faceless face scared me a lot and I was dead afraid I'd see it again. I grabbed my two biggest pillows and my ballet pumps and ran to the staircase almost passing out from fear and shortness of breath. I kept running but with the corner of my eye I saw three figures standing against the hallway wall. They freaked me out so bad I fell. Fell right into my bed and woke up. Quickly started watching pokemon and tried to shake out of it. I hate nightmares. The ambiance of that one just made me feel uneasy for the rest of the day.

Love, Nina

girl with dirty hair

It rained today. I woke up 2 p.m. and my hair was really dirty but I didn't feel like washing it. I never do. I really really hate washing my hair! But dirty locks or crying clouds weren't gonna ruin my day so I threw on my new smashing jacket and headed downtown all shit headed and wet. Met mah grrrl essi and had a chocolate/redbull/meatpastry picnic in the rain under our umbrellas. Later went to salla's and realized I live in the future as we played somekinda pictionary with each other but via our iphones and sitting in opposite ends of the room.. er.. Well, very pleasant day anyways! Still haven't washed my hair, though.. maybe in the morning >----)

Love, Nina

June 16, 2012

things that start with B

Beach gear. Banana. sunBathing -> sunBurns. Beautiful J Blowing Bubbles. Best times!

Love, Nina

June 13, 2012

summer tunes

My spotify playlist of all the songs I'm gonna listen to this summer. Will update this one frequently. Go to playlist by clicking the photo or here!!!

Love, Nina

June 12, 2012


Found a very smashing bomber jacket and an old school my little pony from flea market for under 5e, cool! Got that care bear tee from my sister, lucky me! Myrkur doesn't like the shirt. He thinks care bears are such phonies and he'd rather eat them all and their stupid rainbows and poop glitter and purple care bear fur so it would be less dull for me to clean his litter box. That little scoundrel!<3

Love, Nina

June 4, 2012


A tiny bit of shopping done today, very happy with what I found!! army jacket from ONLY, round sunglasses from H&M and flower headband from seppälä. My laptop needs to go to the hospital! it seems (sounds) to have the most nasty laryngitis.. TRRRRRRRRRRRSCREEECHTRRRRRRR TR TRR TRRRRSCHREEEECHHHTR my ears are bleeding..

Love, Nina