August 31, 2011

the ugliest sock ever

Some self-made things:

My new bag which I did NOT make myself obviously since it's well-made and cool! I bought this from the lovely Peeta because I love her blog and french bulldogs!<3

I had to buy a new calendar but all the ones I saw in the bookstore were ugly so I bought this "make your own cover" one, and own covers I made!

We are knitting socks at school and I finished my first sock today! I had to use whatever coloured yarn my mom had in her drawers 'cause I didn't have money to buy new ones.. She only happened to have some bright colours I didn't really like but I decided to make it purpously overcolourful ugly rainbow sock!! I also wanted to make it a bit big so it would be nice relaxed slouchy ugly sock for home use but.. It did not become only a bit big but ridiculously enormous! Gosh I hate knitting..

I also decided what my next two tattoos are gonna look like! They're quite small and simple so I'm thinking getting them at the same time. Gonna go make an appointment asap. Can't wait<3

Love, Nina

August 29, 2011

black bottom cupcakes

Baked black bottom cupcakes today, recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook we bought from London after tasting the famous bakery's treats there, oh<3 Those are dark chocolate sponge cupcakes with a cheescake filling and a cream cheese frosting, so delicious obviously!! Sweet night everyone!:3

Love, Nina

like paper cuts soundtrack

Good news for you with good taste in music (aka same as mine 8----D) I made a spotify-playlist of all the songs I've used in my posts here. You can find it HERE!! Enjoy:3

Love, Nina

August 28, 2011

trying to find the in-betweens

Since summer decided to give us one more weekend before giving up to fall, we took advantage of the nice weather and celebrated my friend's 20th birthday outside on a picnic! Carrot cake, baguette with brie and strawberry flavoured sparkling wine, awesome people, serpentine, shitty non-igniting cake candles, weird tarsier faces in the dusk, falling into the lake with all clothes on, very painful two-people somersaults on the dock and lots and lots of other fun or less fun action. Had really good time<3

Love, Nina

August 25, 2011

I took a sip of something poison but I’ll hold on tight

Guys I'm so sorry for not posting for a while but my days have just gone by in what feels like a second.. I'm only getting used to this new rythm now that school started and it's not going too well so far. I wake up in the morning (or the small hours I would say..) and go to school, come home in the afternoon super tired. I take a nap even if I try not to but I'm so exhausted I can't help falling asleep. I wake up in the evening and that's the only few hours of the day I have for doing things, and I usually choose seeing my friends, going to gym or jogging rather than sitting on computer. Then I'm dead tired again and it's like midnight when I'm finished eating dinner and doing all the chores and stuff and I just go to sleep again but the next six hours before alarm clock are not enough sleep for me so next day I'm totally sleepy again and this just keeps going on. I hope it will get easier and now i'm really trying my hardest not to sleep during the day!!

Anyways here's the only thing I have had the energy to shoot today; my outfit:

Just a simple school outfit
Biker jacket Bershka
Denim leggings H&M
Bag Topshop

Studded ballerinas H&M

I have a day off tomorrow so maybe I'll have more inspiration to take photos and stuff and share something here! Any tips how to get more energy during school weeks? I'm really getting sick of being a zombi in a coma all the time..-.- And now I think I'm gonna - surprise surprise - take a nap again! Just can't keep my eyes open.. Bye then!

Love, Nina

August 18, 2011


Days that is!


My Topshop order arrived (love<3)!! Had to test drive the awesome jacket so went sitting outside enjoying the rain and the upcoming autumn.


Walked through pouring rain and got my hair all frizzy! Then curled among my soft pillows and warm blankets and read ELLE. I love Kirsten Dunst, want to see her newest movie, Lars von Triers Melancholia, sooooo baaad! Hate that good movies never come to the cinemas in this damned town.. boo!

Now it's time to eat some more rye-hazelnut yoghurt (<33) and start watching a movie, maybe even go to sleep early so I'm well-rested and able to enjoy my day-off tomorrow!! bye<3

Love, Nina

August 14, 2011

wanna hear your ideas

Oh my gosh last night.. some weird schei├če..:---D I do not want to touch anything here in my flat right now, not before some goooood sanitizing 8DD Okay enough 'bout that, just wanna forget it.

Gimme some ideas for posts! What would you like to see?:3

Love, Nina

August 11, 2011

the ones who came home with me from london

There was my today's outfit and HERE are the few things that I bought from London:

brown brogues from Primark and finally found Vans sneakers in my size

sandals and fringed loafers also from Primark

one more from Primark, a hooded duffel-coat

fake leather jacket from Bershka

sequin skirt from Zara

origami set from Tate Modern's gift shop, and of course I had to buy some tourist crap too; union jack lighter, streetname sign keychain and an underground map mug 8--) love 'em!

I propably forgot something but oh well.. what do you think of my purchases?:3

Love, Nina

August 10, 2011

colourless yesterday

Hey, you lovely people, remember to link your blog HERE (<- clickity click)!!! You still got a few days 'til I choose my favourites.;3

Then to yesterday's business:

I hadn't been in my flat for the whole summer basically, so it was dii-iiiir-tyyyy!! But now that the school started I just had to come back here (since this is so much closer to school and all my stuff's here).. sigh.. and clean the place. My mom helped me and yesterday evening I just wanted to lay in my huge pile of fresh-smelling clean pillows and eat lollipops! I have way too many pillows for a flat this size but I just love them and everytime I see a cute one I have to get it. 8---)  
Now that I've organized this place maybe I could do an apartment post.. Would you be interested in such?

I don't have a lot of movies on DVD because I only wanna own my favourite ones, and there are way too few really good movies in the world.. But yesterday I found three from sale and bought them!! Also got a pair of sunnies and glasses 2 euros each, not bad!

and here's what I wore

Nothing else to raport, thank you very much! I'm gonna do the London shoppings -post this evening or tomorrow, so stay tuned!!:3

Love, Nina

August 7, 2011

last night..

..I felt like I was a bear in glittery woods at dusk with all the other bears around me pouring honey on each other and dancing all sticky and sweet! I found my way to bed around 7 a.m. and now.. well now I feel like bear crap..

Love, Nina

August 6, 2011

looook what I did

Cut myself a fringe! Like it?:3 Or do you think this was a mistake?:(

Love, Nina

August 5, 2011

so here you go, nina in london

I spent a week in London recently and here is a some sort of photo diary of my trip, enjoy!

1. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

2. Portobello Road and Notting Hill

3. London Eye, Big Ben, Tate Modern and Tower Bridge

4. Regent's Park, Queen Mary's Gardens and London Zoo

I find this photo ironic somehow..

umm, okayy?:D


5. Madame Tussaud's and randoms

 r.i.p. :'''''(

Eatin' fish'n'chips in the Black Lion Pub

mah shoppings resting in our hotelroom bed after a day walking back and forh the Oxford Street

minute after spending my last money in Zara sales in a shopping mall near our hotel in Bayswater

1. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens
Our hotel was in Bayswater, right next to Hyde Park's other end, the Kensington Gardens. We went eating there a few times and just walked around. There are already two things I miss in Lndn, big nice parks and Pret A Manger! We ate breakfast there (or took the food with us and ate it in the park) every single morning! Sooooo good! One day we were super hungry after a long day of walking and we saw KFC and thought, hey, maby we should try it out. We bought some big bucket of different sorts of chicken and went to Hyde Park to eat it. I was with my mom and two little sisters and the sales person in KFC was totally overwhelmed by the fact we only took one bucket, wtf? The bucket was huge and the four of us cuoldn't finish it even we tried really hard:---D Is someone actually capable finishing such thing themselves? I guess so.. weird.

2. Portobello Road and Notting Hill
On saturday we headed to the Portobello Road Market. I loved it! Bought a few little things but mostly just enjoyed watching all the antiques, fresh veggies, bakings, jewellery and all kinds of cool and pretty stuff. We had just eaten a nice Pret breakfast but when we saw the famous Hummingbird Bakery we just couldn't resist.. I ate a red velvet cupcake and oh-lala how good it was! We walked all the way to Notting Hill where I just loved the pastel coloured houses. And of course I bought the four pound Notting Hill shopping bag! Gonna show it to you in the shoppings post I'm going to make soon!

3. London Eye, Big Ben, Tate Modern and Tower Bridge
One day we took the underground to somewhere near Waterloo and had to a looooong sightseeing tour by foot.. My feet have never hurt so much they did after that.. First we walked by Big Ben, then to the other side of Thames to London Eye. From there on we just followed the riverside to Tate Modern. My favourite thing there was the gift shop:D Then along Thames again 'til we came to the Tower Bridge which we crossed and then walked around the Tower of London. After that we finally headed back to Bayswater. Phewh..

4. Regent's Park, Queen Mary's Gardens and London Zoo
On tuesday we walked through Regent's Park and Queen Mary's Gardens to London Zoo. Loved the giraffes and the otters, aww<3
5. Madame Tussaud's and randoms
Madame Tussaud's was kinda boring.. the only fun thing there was the Marvel Superheroes 4D movie! We also shopped our brains out (and feet to bruises..), went to see the Buckingham Palace, walked in maaaany beautiful parks andandand well.. all the tourist things you can do in London:D

I had a lot of fun, although next time I'm gonna go with someone who also has been there before so that we can just relax and live more like the locals and not like tourists. Great trip anyways!:3

Love, Nina