March 31, 2013

unholy moly

Fuck jesus, easter is all about chocolate and satanic parties. And I think my cat Glósóli agrees:DD my sweet lil antichrist<3

Love, Nina

March 26, 2013

nostril ring

I pierced my nose and changed pearl balls to my jestrum. Fucking A!

Love, Nina

March 19, 2013


I wish there were flowers growing from my skull so I could cut them off and trample them and watch them die. I feel sleepy and inept. I don't even want to make sense. I don't want to do anything really.

Love, Nina

March 13, 2013


faux fur coat - asos
furry sweater - h&m
leopard skirt - seppälä
platform sneakers - ebay
pink beads and crystal choker - my bff made it for me <3

I feel like I dress the same as I did in primary school during the golden nineties, haha. I'm stoked about this sweater and it was only friggin' five euros! Accidentally cut a hole in it before I had even tried it on but thank goodness my mom came and saved it with her sewing kit!! Note to self: if it's knitted, probably not a good idea to snip off any loose threads, lol.
Love, Nina