March 22, 2012

pink walrus

Green walrus, pink walrus and a red sled are dragged to a hilltop. Three girls place their butts on them and slide slide slide down the hill so many times (it was five times tops.. running up is way harder than it once was) they just have to stop and dig some marshmallows and hot chocolate out their bags. Pink walrus and his friends are pleased for being posessed by these lazy girls rather than some energetic peanuts who might throw them around in the snow for hours and maybe even forget them into the ditch for plastic eating nocturnal beasts to feed on. Yuck! But thank walruslords no, so the pink walrus lifts his tusks to a relieved smile while hanging on a soaked girls arm on a way home, knowing they all will stay dry at least until next winter.

Love, Nina

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