May 31, 2012

meh needs your opinion

I'm gonna buy me a cap. but. cannot decide between these two so maybe you'll help? which do you think is cooler?

Love, Nina

May 29, 2012

May 20, 2012

hoi sie

Yesterday we visited this relatively new gallery/café/hipsterhangout HOI SIE. They made and served falafel outdoors and we could not keep our hungry noses away. I liked the place but my fun having was shaded because shoes were not allowed inside the place and I was afraid my feet might stink like sock juice and everyone would notice!! And also 'cause of the embarrassing fact that I had to ride there and back with my old scooter.. Otherwise it might not be so horrid but my driver's skills.. oh my.. I only managed to squish one flowerbed this time, tho! so nooo biggie!8----)

Love, Nina

May 15, 2012


Spent last thursday and friday floating over the baltic sea on a student cruise. I was too busy being embarrassing to take any photos so these few are borrowed from my fellow cruisers' cameras! Circus left the town but the clowns stayed.. and took a cruise:

Love, Nina

May 2, 2012

mayday mayday may day

Best first of may celebrations everrr, evidence via instagram:


bought me a cute water pistol, filled it with something else than water though..

the scariest straw I've ever seen!

the morning after..:


according to pikachu and other stamps we had been around..

I planned to go for a decent may day picnic with strawberries baguette and such and such but I only got my ass dragged to nearest meat pie stand.. Ate my first vety ever, though! so not all bad 8---)

Now I'm in fever and super bored.. And I can't sleep because I'm having zombie nightmares! Started watching the first season of the walking dead with my boyfriend yesterday and now I'm not sure if it was such a great idea.. sob..

Love, Nina