November 25, 2012

black xmas

Pictures from this years first pre-xmas party we had yesterday! Our theme was black xmas so tried to get a little goth vibe going on there. Black cups full of booze, alternative xmas songs playing. Essi had even put her psychedelic colour-changing xmas tree on display and everything! Had fun. As always. Even when Tytti sat on my drink (last photo).. 

Love, Nina

November 19, 2012


As I mentioned, my 21st birthday was on saturday and it just might have been the best one ever! Thanks so much everyone who made it to the party, I friggin' love you guys!!<333

Few of the awesome gifts I got<3

Got three adventure time cards, my peeps know me too well! :---D <3

:----D ?

Nooooooo, got soap in mah mouth :((

We played alias as a drinking game!

"Oh yeah I'm gonna handle this!"

..I didn't..

Princess cake ofc!

And princess shots!

The next day...................

Love, Nina

November 18, 2012

indiedays party

picture stolen from Thelma

 picture stolen from Paula

This weekend has totally rocked my socks off! Yesterday was my birthday and gawd it was grand lollapalooza! But more on that matter later, cuz this post is dedicated to friday. Attended the Indiedays Inspiration launch party at club/restaurant Adams in Helsinki. Dragged (yeah like she was resistant..8)) Essi with me as my avec, thanks so much for coming with me, couldn't have done it without you!<3 As you can see I didn't get too many pictures taken, I ditched my camera after like thirty minutes 'cause needed both my hands to savor as many free drinks as I could :-----D Had to drink like a maniac before the party too, was so scared I needed a LOT of encouragement.. ASD to me and my nonexistent social skills-.- Fortunately the booze got me going and I had a blast!! Met some dashing people like Paula, Thelma and Noora. Thanks gals you really made my evening:3 Also was super glad I ran into Sita in the bathroom line just before I had to leave and got to exchange a few words with her. Such a sweet girl!:3
Now I'm gonna go sleep off my horrendous hangover so bye!

Love, Nina

November 14, 2012

pink mthrfckr

Updated my hair a bit! Tho the extensions turned out not suitable for me so just gonna wear 'em til the end of the week.. Kinda like a temporary bday hair (I turn 21 this saturday, woopwoop!). Next time I drool over having (fake) long hair, please someone smack my buns and tell me "NO!". I so often seem to be blinded by my lusts and totally forget the reality. Which is I am a WAY too carefree and comfort seeking puppy to have this life limiting stuff attached to me 8----)

Btw I love my shoes freakishly much. They are so lumpin' awesome!!

Love, Nina

November 4, 2012

H to the A to the L to the L to the OWEEN

Pictures from the most badass halloween party ever at rikamau's.Thanks guys you are the greatest! Had a blast<3 A creeeeeepy blast!

Love, Nina