September 14, 2012

myrkur the talking cat

I love my hello kitty lunchbox!! Always brings joy to my schoolday to dig this outta my bag:3

Every morning the minute I wake up and move even the tinyest bit, Myrkur appears from nowhere like a flash, slumps next to my bed and starts talking cat to me. "Good morning mother dear!" he meows. Haha probably more like "About time you woke up you lazy bitch I'm hungry!!!"

He also likes to show off his awesome moves. This is the fake handstand. Or pawstand.. Sick skillz cat bro!<3

Essi got us some gumball machine rings and now she's officially my bff.<3

Tonight was a sushi night with J and Rika. We gorged ourselves some major sushi overdoses, watched Moomins and laughed our butts off. moominTROLL indeed..x))

ps. vastailkaas vielä äkkiä tuohon sivupalkissa olevaan kyselyjutskaan! Vastanneille olisi lahjakorttejakin jaossa!

Love, Nina

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