November 12, 2011


Lost shoes, too much white wine, too little pizza, never have I ever, collapsed bed, broken christmas ornaments, hummingbirds and ice tea with bubbles. That was our yesterday's 3x11 party made of.. I found two euros inside my rug when cleaning this morning, yay! I tried to be smart and didn't go with my boyfriend to mcdonald's this morning, thought I'd cyckle to a supermarket and buy something healthy. Ended up buying and eating a huge amount of noodles and sausages which I would have never ever bought if I hadn't been so hangover and confused.. I think I'm gonna take a looooong sleep, starting right after maybe just one more episode of the big bang theory.

Love, Nina


  1. hei millä ohjelmalla ja miten oot tehnyt noi tähdet yms noihin kuviin? oon miettinyt tätä joskus aiemminkin hehe :)

  2. photoshopilla lisään kuvan päälle toisen kuvan uudeks layeriks ja muutan sitä läpinäkyvämmäks. vaikee selittää, kannattaa googlettaa tai ettiä youtubesta tutoriaaleja, löytyy varmasti:3

  3. I love that galaxy effect it's stunning! You're so pretty too.