November 14, 2011


Sundays, the black hole days.. They always feel like blank lost time (except the couple hours long stomach flu attacks that sometimes are a part of my sundays, them I always remember very clearly..) and then you wake up and it's monday and you're even more tired than before the 25 hours of lizard-like sleep.. I tried to make today as relaxing as possible so tomorrow wouldn't be like a pile of puke. Tea drinking, long hot shower, burning candles, manicure with cute lilac colour and sparkle, short (so I won't lose my night's sleep) but peaceful napping in my crashed bed and watching the big bang theory and frasier. Fingers crossed that this worked and monday will be tolerable!

 Love, Nina


  1. Yeah Frasier <3 Which season did you watch?

  2. I know<3 I watched the seventh since it came from tv:3