November 22, 2011


Winter is here! It was snowing on my way home from school. I didn't know how icy it was outside and I put on my propably most slippery shoes. Mistake! Even though I love watching the first snow falling, I find this transition from fall to winter kinda tricky.. It's too cold for my autumn jackets but way too early to wear big superwarm winter coats (I really would want to but I'm afraid of the odd looks I'd get from most of the people here who still walk around in just hoodies and such, what's wrong with you?! damn me for being such a cold sensitive chilly ass..). I'm eagerly waiting for the good freeze, ice and snowdrifts though, so I can go ice-skating<3

Love, Nina


  1. ei hitsi mä haluun sun hiukset!

  2. ssän, thänks:3

    Mari, no samanlaiset saa aika helposti rahaa vastaan, hehe8))

  3. millä värillä oot värjänny sun hiukset?

  4. kampaaja värjäsi, joten en osaa sanoa sävyjä tai mitään.. :(