October 28, 2011

pumpkin pampering

Weekend left to ask me anything on the comment box of the question post!!! (<--click!) Gimme some hard interrogation people;3

Today I've been feeling a bit sick:( which is a reeeal big bummer especially if it hasn't gone away by tomorrow because tomorrow night is my friend's halloween party and I've been really looking forward to it.. Well however I feel I'm so not NOT going, this flu isn't anything a few painkillers won't defeat.8)) Now I'm drinking some delicious chai tea with honey to cure my sore throat, oh I'm gonna need all the tricks there is to get energy for tomorrow, so much to do.. have to prepair my hair, make up and everything for the candy skull costume, do a halloween manicure, bake those pumpkin cupcakes I'm bringing to the party and.. too much stuff!! Today I've been trying to relax and get myself ready and reloaded for halloween by lying under blankets, eating chocolate and treating myself with a looooong hot shower and sauna with face and hair masks, foot bath and my new delicious smelling spicy pumpkin shower gel!

Have a good and spooky halloween weekend everyone<3

Love, Nina


  1. loved it

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  2. Vooi pientä, toivottavasti et tullu pahemmin kipeäksi! En oo ikinä ollu Halloween-bileissä nii iha senki takia toivon että paranet - haluan että joku nauttii sellasista :D

    Hauska sattuma(?) muuten ku on Halloween ja sulla on just kurpitsasuihkugeeliä, aw.

  3. You have adorable blog!!!
    Following and I hope you will follow back! :)


  4. Sita, en onneks kipeytyny enempää ja juuri oon matkalla halloween bibiksiin:3 ootan autossa ku pikkusisko joutuu hakee mulle viiniä alkosta en kehdannu ite mennä täs maskissa 8))

    ja voin kertoo, ei ollu sattuma;b

    Anete, thanks<3