October 30, 2011

halloween weekend

▼ candy apple making
▼ candy apple eating
▼ candy skull painting
▼ halloween partying
▼ dildo(?) punch drinking
▼ pumpkin cupcake eating
▼ going into bar looking like that and getting hit on 100000 times more than when in normal make up ?! what's that about :---D 
▼ taking my own straws with me everywhere so the face won't get ruined but after few glasses of wine forgetting all about it and messing up the skull
▼ braking my heel dancing too much and leaving the club to make the very feet-unfriendly walk home
▼ making rench fries and fishsticks at 4 a.m. because even though normally I hate 'em, in that hour and in that state of mind, they are the most delicious thing ever..
▼ having tons of fun!!

That's what my halloween was made of. How about you?:3 Today I'm watching halloween episodes of my favourite tv-shows and halloween movies too, of course. I hate horror movies because usually they have no plot what so ever and I just keep screaming and having heart attacs for nothing. So I decided to watch NICE halloween movies (aka children's movies..) and only one that's possibly actually scary one. Here's what I'm still planning to watch tonight:

pictures of movies from weheartit.com

Love, Nina


  1. Awesome skull face! I was so disappointed when I realised my face paint stuff is at my parents place so I had to survive without them :(

  2. thank you!:3 oh, that's a bummer:( well I hope you had a good time anyway, even without the face paint!:3