October 18, 2011


Spent last weekend with Heini in Helsinki. We went pole dancing (my first time), shopping and celebrated oktoberfest! I'm so bruised from "rockin' the pole".. yeah.. I rocked it allright. If rocking it means shaking and not being able to get your feet detached from the floor:----( Nooooo, I think I was allright for a beginner. My shoppings I'm gonna show you later but I can tell you that now I don't have to worry getting too cold in the winter! Lovely warm knits and a winter coat are now crossed from my to-buy list. And the oktoberfest, yay! We tried to drink beer but it didn't went so well, ew.. Fortunately we had a lot (and i mean a lot!) of wine.8) Besides drinking we also ate bratwurst with broccoli braised in cream, snacked pretzels and listened to rammstein. Oh yeah and watched some old videos from when we were like.. 15? Haha I was so embarrassing:D But anyways I had such a good time, thanks Heini<3

here's what I wore to our shopping spree (had to hide my face.. I find myself uglier and uglier everyday:( )

duffel jacket from Primark
flower dress and hat H&M
backpack Seppälä

we put our hair to milkmaid braids in the German spirit!

Have you celebrated oktoberfest already? If not then hurry now before Halloween comes and steals all attention!:D Good night!

Love, Nina


  1. oot tosi kaunis! ja sulla on kivan väriset hiukset :-)

  2. you have such a pretty face, no need to hide.

  3. Maria, kiitti mut höpöhöpö;3

    Golda K., that's so nice of you to say, thanks:3 I don't believe you though:D