August 10, 2011

colourless yesterday

Hey, you lovely people, remember to link your blog HERE (<- clickity click)!!! You still got a few days 'til I choose my favourites.;3

Then to yesterday's business:

I hadn't been in my flat for the whole summer basically, so it was dii-iiiir-tyyyy!! But now that the school started I just had to come back here (since this is so much closer to school and all my stuff's here).. sigh.. and clean the place. My mom helped me and yesterday evening I just wanted to lay in my huge pile of fresh-smelling clean pillows and eat lollipops! I have way too many pillows for a flat this size but I just love them and everytime I see a cute one I have to get it. 8---)  
Now that I've organized this place maybe I could do an apartment post.. Would you be interested in such?

I don't have a lot of movies on DVD because I only wanna own my favourite ones, and there are way too few really good movies in the world.. But yesterday I found three from sale and bought them!! Also got a pair of sunnies and glasses 2 euros each, not bad!

and here's what I wore

Nothing else to raport, thank you very much! I'm gonna do the London shoppings -post this evening or tomorrow, so stay tuned!!:3

Love, Nina


  1. Aivan ihana blogi, sait kyllä uuden lukijan :--)! Katsoin itsekin tänään tuon Yksi lensi yli käenpesän, ihan loistava elokuva.

  2. ihana kuulla<3 ja todellakin, elokuvien a-kastia!