August 25, 2011

I took a sip of something poison but I’ll hold on tight

Guys I'm so sorry for not posting for a while but my days have just gone by in what feels like a second.. I'm only getting used to this new rythm now that school started and it's not going too well so far. I wake up in the morning (or the small hours I would say..) and go to school, come home in the afternoon super tired. I take a nap even if I try not to but I'm so exhausted I can't help falling asleep. I wake up in the evening and that's the only few hours of the day I have for doing things, and I usually choose seeing my friends, going to gym or jogging rather than sitting on computer. Then I'm dead tired again and it's like midnight when I'm finished eating dinner and doing all the chores and stuff and I just go to sleep again but the next six hours before alarm clock are not enough sleep for me so next day I'm totally sleepy again and this just keeps going on. I hope it will get easier and now i'm really trying my hardest not to sleep during the day!!

Anyways here's the only thing I have had the energy to shoot today; my outfit:

Just a simple school outfit
Biker jacket Bershka
Denim leggings H&M
Bag Topshop

Studded ballerinas H&M

I have a day off tomorrow so maybe I'll have more inspiration to take photos and stuff and share something here! Any tips how to get more energy during school weeks? I'm really getting sick of being a zombi in a coma all the time..-.- And now I think I'm gonna - surprise surprise - take a nap again! Just can't keep my eyes open.. Bye then!

Love, Nina