June 2, 2011

I'm building a still to slow down the time

Had to censor my drunken distracted face a bit..


So last night we celebrated many of my friends who graduated yesterday. We sat outside in the parks of the fortress quite late and then headed to a club. The evening was fine, could have been better but what can you do if your mind is somewhere else all the time.. But mostly I had fun! And now it's definetely summer! Got a few confirming signs yesterday: Staying outside 'til morning without any need for a long-sleeve, people openly peeing in public places and burning their bare butts to nettles (not that it happened to me eheh..) and being sure it's only ten o'clock because it's so bright outside and cursing that everyone is going home too early when actually it's almost three a.m. (Which is still too early if you ask me..)

Love, Nina


  1. Näin siut eilen :D ja sun hiukset on muuten täydellisen väriset:) sun tatskat pääs tattoologistiin :3

  2. oi kiitos, nää on kyl vähän haalistunu mut koht kampaaja ni sit oon iteki taas tota mieltä! oisit tullu moikkailee hei;3 ja joo tattoologistis meitsin kätöset! vähä siistii:3