June 7, 2011

'cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home

Today I was outside nearly the whole day, just lolled (xD stupid word), walked around, sauntered to our summerhouse, ate ice cream, took some photos, read magazines and books, listened to music (the kooks<3) and burned a little in the sun. It was very lovely and hot outside but I got a little annoyed not to be able to go swimmimg because of the tattoos.. Shower after a long hot summer day is just not the same as a dip in the lake! Not a bit!


Bed time for me now, have to get up early (what do you mean 10 a.m. isn't early? you're nuts!) to bake buns! Hope it's sunny tomorrow too so my copying paper coloured skin might actually tan for the first time ever this summer. I had a few solarium treatments during the spring so my skin would get a bit base before hot summer sun. Worked! Didn't burn almost at all today and I spent way longer in the sun than ever before without turning red as a lobster on a plate! And my thighs have actually catched some colour! I'm super happy.

Love, Nina

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