June 1, 2011

you remind me of bananananananana split

Went shopping (again..) and found two really cool items! I think they're gonna be my hit clothes for this summer, together and individually. And they totally nail the bright colour matching trend of the season!

Awesome pink acid wash denim shorts and an orange vest, both H&M

 I couldn't resist this orange nail polish that matches with this outfit perfectly! And it only cost 0.95e so not bad:3

Had to wear the new sunglasses today, of course! It's SO hot today oh my gosh.. Even those denim shorts and a light flower top were too much. I hate that no one is never there to take my outfit pictures for me.. The self timer is way hard to use, especially because I don't have the remote. And as you see I always zoom too close or something.. Bag was left out of the picture:( AND it would be so much nicer to get the pics outside as it is so pretty and summery! I'm going to think of some solution.. Anyone volunteer to be my personal photographer? haha:D

Love, Nina


  1. löysin sun blogin ja tää on kivanoloinen! :) tykkään paljon sun tyylistä