June 29, 2011

could have been able to pay my bills, but this was so much worth to me

I bought a lovely shirt from sale yesterday and of course I had to immediatly wear it! I threw it on when I went for an evening soda to a beer garden at the harbour with my friends. Here's the shirt in action and the rest of the outfit too:

The shirt goes just perfectly with my moccasins, don't you think?

Shirt from Lindex (-50%)
Bag and moccasins H&M
Hat Lindex

I did some more small summer sale shopping yesterday and this is what else came home with me:

A fanny pack, seriously? YES! I find this invidual very cute and not tourist at all! It's also from Lindex and it was 70% off so only like three euros! The little daisy-print purse for my ice cream money is from H&M but it wasn't on sale.

Now I think i'm gonna head to a store to buy myself some snacks and refreshments since we're going to go play volleyball and hang out on the beach later. Have a lovely day everyone! Ciao!

Love, Nina

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