June 14, 2011

days spent in kitchen

♥ my grandma had a name day yesterday and we didn't remember it 'til in the evening so we quickly baked a cake (1&6) and I made a card (2) by splashing watercolour on paper and then we invited her over
♥ cats are so sad looking when they meow but when you take a picture while they do it they look super evil and not sad at all! (3)
♥ I don't like eggs very much but if they are poached (I find that good foods taste not-so-good if the texture and looks are poor and bad foods taste not-so-bad if those aspects are fine) and served with bacon they taste kinda lovely (4)
♥ evening snack, or well any meal, gets a lot better eaten from cute tableware, don't you think? My PBJs and macaron and homemade juice certainly tasted even sweeter from mom's vintage coffee cup and plate (5)

Yeah, I've been eating a lot!:DD

Love, Nina

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