May 20, 2011

sweet lemon

Bought some summery sweet lemon products and a mango shower gel from The Body Shop

Found those missing flip-flops for my beach set, yay! Also bought these super cute flower canvas pumps and a pair of mint green hair-clips. All from H&M

 An anchor pendant from Pieces

 Shopping outfit.
Chinos, blazer and canvas pumps from H&M
White bag from Lindex
Tomorrow is my friend's b-day party and I'm super excited because I see her so rarely since she lives in another city, and secondly because I haven't been clubbing for so long! I hope it will be a great night so my bar-traumas don't get worse:D I'm gonna go finish her present now, Laters!

Love, Nina


  1. is those place in lappeenranta?:)

  2. Do you live there?:)

  3. Oh really? We're companion in misfortune then!:D I wish I could move out of here soon! Do you like LPR, at least more than I do?:3

  4. I'm not sure, like I LPR or not!:D It's pretty nice but too small!!::(

  5. I think it's waaaayyyy too small too:D