May 21, 2011

party gear

Lace dress Zara
Faux leather leggings Gina Tricot
Fringe jacket, sunnies and ballerinas H&M
Bag Topshop
(haven't decided on the accessories yet) 
This is pretty much what I have planned wearing to the b-day party tonight! I would have chosen heels and a smaller bag but since it's such a nice weather today we are gonna move the party outside before clubbing and I'm not too interested in traipsing through soft-grounded parks in sinking heels. The bag is for all the outside gear like warmer clothes and the liquids, haha!

I couldn't think of anything original and cool for the present so I just bought some sparkling wine and crafted a new tag for it. Now it's a present and a card at the same time. And I think the map reminds of me since I am the biggest map-monster ever!

I'm not gonna take my camera with me because i'm afraid I'll smash it when too tipsy. But if someone else has one and I get them to send some pics to me I'll definetely share 'em with you here:3 Have a great saturday everyone!

Love, Nina


  1. toi zaran pitsimekko on ihan täydellinen! :) mä oon ettiny tollasta karvasta häntää laukkuun ikuisuuden enkä oo löytäny :(

  2. Oi kiitos, tykkään itekin kovasti!:3 Näitä häntiä oli ainaskin hennesillä vielä viimeeks kun kävin ja kirppiksiltä usein löytyy! Kannattaa vaan metsästää ahkerasti:)