May 19, 2011

it's all, not one, I love everything

Went shopping for some beach essentials for the summer today! I already had bought one cute hat and one set of bikinis recently but that was obviously not enough! After todays findings I'm only missing a darker, maby sailor-style pair of bikini, beach towel and some summery-coloured flip-flops! So here are my shoppings and little something I crafted today. And as a grand finale a beautiful rainbow I saw yesterday when coming home from visiting my folks. Mom saw it first from the car and she pulled over and forced me to go outside and take a picture of it.. I felt like such a tourist.. lol.

Straw bag Pieces
Both scarves H&M
Both hats Lindex
T-bar sandals Topshop
Both bikinis  H&M
Sunglasses H&M

Love, Nina