May 18, 2011

down came the rain, and washed the spider out

It was rainy again this morning, so I had to carry my Spiderman umbrella around all day. When we took these pictures the sun had came out and the dark clouds were long gone, but now I had another purpose for my spidey!

It was super windy, so of course, flying!

Well.. the wind didn't take me up but I had fun trying! It almost blew me to the ground, though..

I have spiderman socks on my feet too. I'm so embarrassing:D

Besides jumping outside with spidey, I have been reading fashion magazines and I also started a new book I borrowed from the library today. It's The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. Have anyone read it? How was it?

I'm almost dozing off here so yeah, my bed's calling me real loud! Laters!

Love, Nina


  1. sul on söpö tyyli ja kauniita kuvia. tykkään erityisesti siit miten oot muokannu näit kuvii, erityisesti noi sydänbokehit on ihania!