May 16, 2011

everything's so... fragile

Fat Segal-Whitecap Widow

A track from Skins (<3) season two, when Naomi and Emily are on the rooftop and Emily finds out Naomi cheated on her. Love that scene! That also happens to be a great early morning gray rain staring song!:D And as it is very gray and rainy outside, and it's only nine in the morning I get this gloomy and melancholic feeling just watching out the window with a cup of tea in my hand and a warm blanket on my shoulders. I am NOT a morning person and I usually never wake up before ten a.m. but maby that's just why I think early morning is the most beautiful and emotive time of the day. Becouse it's not something I get to see and experience every day:DD! The best feeling ever is to party outside all night and still be awake when the sun is starting to rise. Soooo beautiful! And why am I awake so early today? Well, a certain teacher of mine apparently forgot to tell me that the classes are cancelled today. It was oh, so nice to go to there in the rain before 8 a.m. and realize after waiting for almost an hour that no one's coming. Damn you!

My sisters went to Helsinki last saturday and they brought me few dresses back! Thanks<3 This one's from Monki

What do you think about the dresses? I really loved all of them! If you can't see the dresses clearly enough from these pictures (had to take 'em with my sisters camera since I forgot mine home, hers is a bit older than mine so the pictures don't have quite the quality I would like to maintain in this blog) just click the links I put on the captions!

 I think I'm gonna try watch cartoons from tv if they're still on, or maby I'll start the second season of Modern Family! Just downloaded it, loved the first season so much! Such a great show. Bye then!

ps. The most annoying feeling: tired but not sleepy! I wish I could just go back to sleep! My eyes feel like they weigh a thousand pounds, but I have stared the rain too long to fall asleep anymore! And it doesn't help to this exhausted feeling that I stayed up way too late last night, watching the ice hockey world championsip finals.. We won by the way:D Go Finland!! Took only 16 years to bring the trophy home but well, better late than never!

Love, Nina


  1. ehkä = maybe ei maby
    koska = because ei becouse
    mestaruus = championship ei championsip
    muuten loeestavaa enklantia:) ♥ glad u r back ♥

  2. Joo no noiki on aika sellasii et jos oisin vähä miettiny ni oishan ne tienny mutku kirjottaa vaa nopee eikä keskity ni tollasii tulee. ja aivan varmasti jatkossaki:D Mut toivottavasti tekstii kuitenki tajuu:3 Olen myös iloinen että sinä olet palannut blogini pariin<3

  3. Heyy oon 18 vuotias tyttö Helsingistä ja aloin pari kk sitten kirjoittamaan omaa lifestyle / fashion blogia ! ois kiva saada kommenttia siitä muilta bloggaajilta ja tietty uusia lukijoita ;D tervetuloa lukemaan