June 27, 2013

summertime lu-u-ve-eenh, luvin in the summertime

Time is gross and stupid and I want it to stop messin' with my footering so time dude, pls, die in a hole, you jerk! Everything circles and spins till I vomit and then after a moment, or maybe like a thousand moments idk, of dark, absolute stillnes and solitude I'm ready for a new ride. I wish I could hold in the nausea forever tho.. Endlessly exposing too much teeth and bursting with all the kooky lavrocking power in the universe. But no. This highly unpleasing shell I'm trapped in has turned from the ever-so-glorious treasure stashing seashell to a fragile and ugly chicken poopy eggshell.. But I'm actively working on this problem and I'm pretty sure its all gonna be fine and dandy in a little while.

I've missed more than ever. I've loved more than ever. And all these things I've done so far and still gonna do.. just might end up being the best summer ever! YOLO YOLO SWAGGITY SWAG

some pics of my midsummer, all stolen.

Love, Nina


  1. <3 <3 luv ya, yoloyolo babe! after the long and grimm winter you totally deserve the best summer ever

    loving the double fag gif btw, unf!!

    1. <333

      loving that you captured my unholy ding-dong-dawn!! :---D

  2. suunnattoman suuri kasa ihanuutta

  3. suunattoman suuri ihanuuskasa suunnattoman suuret ihanuuskasat tuntee hih;3

  4. hei apuaapuaapua mikä ihana blogi ja pitäjä! elämäkuvia, minä inspiroidun.