October 14, 2012


The most popular Finnish blog portal Indiedays is innovating during October. 300 invited interesting and good quality blogs joined the new Indiedays Inspiration service that gives the reader an opportunity to find and follow them all on one site. All the new posts show up into the Inspiration section of Indiedays as a pretty flow of pictures. I've already found many new awesome blogs just browsing through it! The beta version is still in the making but it already gives a good picture of what it's gonna be like when ready and open. Would you like to get a prewiev and use the new site before actual launching? To get a little taste before others? If yes, then go to http://indiedays.com/showroom/inspiration/ fill in your email address and keep your fingers and toes crossed that you will be one of the lucky few to get the VIP invitation!;3

Love, Nina

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