October 10, 2012

hello kitty

biker boots Dinsko
velvet bow bag Seppälä by Paola Suhonen

faux fur leopard jacket ebay
paisley pattern dress 2nd hand

Today I wore my hello kitty nightshirt for most of the day but got dressed a little bit a few hours back as I went to visit a friend. Might have changed into some day clothes but forgot to put on my day face so.. (poorlyx--)) censored!! And today the mailmanwomanperson brought me the cutest and the awesomest and the most unnecessary item a girl can have: a hello kitty usb iphone charging cable!!! How did I ever manage without this, eheh. Ebay, you rock my vain materialistic world..

Love, Nina


  1. ooi tykkään sun blogista hurjasti


  2. Saanko lainata tuota sun bootsikuvaa kirpparisivulle, koska omat samanlaiset ovat kuluneet puhki ja tahdon löytää jostakin uudet/käytetyt. Toki mainitsisin mistä kuva on peräisin :)