July 12, 2012

see you in ilosaari

So if someone didn't twig it yet, tomorrow I'll be heading towards a weekend at Ilosaarirock music festival!!! Still a ton of packing to do and all the rain that's supposedly gonna pour on our heads does not make this task any easier. But no matter what the weather I'm gonna dance too much and laugh too much and drink too much and be so very happy<3 From the performers I'm mostly looking forward to the xx, pariisin kevät, first aid kit and french films but definitely gonna see other bands too, yayy sooo exciteddd!!

I will not take my good camera with me so (once again..) you'll be in for a bunch of shitty instagram pics mwahhahaa!! But seriously, I feel like crap for posting so much photos taken with iphone these days but I am lazy and just cannot be bothered with dragging a heavy camera everywhere during summer when days are hot and minimum weight is required in everything I have to carry. Very sorry, but this is quite surely gonna go on till this time of tiny summer bags is over 8----(


  1. Ei Instagram-kuvissa oo hei mitään vikaa, niissä on sellanen erilainen tunnelma, semmonen vangittu hetki (tiedän, oon huono selittämään...). :D

    1. oo no tosi kiva kuulla ettei ne ärsytä liikaa:3