July 19, 2012

ilosaarirock2012 via instagram

1. PMMP 2. campsite 3. hangout gear 4. took photos of my dirty shoes in front of the outhouses blocking the entire bathroom line heh.. everyone appreciated me

5. & 8. drunken buddha sharing wisdom. "stay perfectly still boys, if you move the alcohol burns faster and drunkenness decreases!" 6. so still they sat and drunk they stayed 7. I'm a happy camper

9. Stig 10. me listening to Stig 11. me and my partner in crime testing our perfectly put up tent 12. others listening to Stig

13. 14. 15. & 16. me and essi got a nickname from our fellow campers: TEAM ROCKET :------D prepair for trouble! and make it double.. hahaha! we're so jessie and james, no doubt!

17. we spied the royal couple, queen tyti was eating king lase's toenails in their fancypants pavilion.. 18. accidentally sat on my cigarettes.. fffuuuuuuu 19. first photo of the trip 20. floating head enjoys his alcohol

21. 22. 23. & 24. I liked to draw on essi

25. & 28. I liked my sangria, someone else not so much (and it was totally important to take a picture of that someone's multicolour yawn) 26. & 27. foooooodddddd
29. scary hello kitty ghost legs floating inside our tent 30. the xx 31. & 32. jealous team rocket decorated royal couples precious stools!!

33. random people passed out 34. janita hates her tights? 35. accidentally spitted toothpaste on my shoe :((( 36. essi eagerly waiting to pee (again..)

37. & 38. pariisin kevät<333 39. & 40. colourful trees wow..

Loved it! Again next year ok guys?

Love, Nina


  1. Haha, meiksi keskittyy Stigii niinku ois joku kovempiki artisti menossa :D:D:D! Ja ens vuon ehdottomasti taas bileet pystyy oujee!

    1. mitä sa höpajaa stiguliha on kovin kivi koko louhoksessa uujee ja uusiks!<3

  2. Ohgod, these are so wonderful<3

    PS. Don't listen to P and his Buddha wisdoms, he's clearly trying to form a cult oh no!8(

  3. i totally love your pictures, no matter if they're taken with instagram or not. Do you mind telling me your instagram name? =)