April 19, 2012


Wisdom teeth removed, stitches in bleeding gum craters, half human half hamster, much painkillers..
Broken back, three hours in the hospital crying like a child and walking like a granny, sitting in hospital lobby with like a thousand actual grannies waiting to get their moles checked, much MUCH more painkillers..
Sounds like fun right?-.- That's my last two weeks in a nutshell! Ok, good stuff too like nautical birthday frolicking and skins marathon sleepover! But anyways now everything finally seems to be getting better and I'm begging please please please, whatever disease, leave me alone for awhile, ok?

Bought some things today:

Joined the Isadora hair mascara club, gonna test them this weekend! And I found a cute skirt from the flea market. Cost 1e.

Love, Nina


  1. mistä löysit noita mascaroita, olisin itsekkin ehkä kiinnostunut ostamaan? :)

    1. ostin Kicksistä kun sattui olemaan sinne lahjakortti, mutta noita löytyy kuulemma myös ainakin Anttiloista!:3

  2. You'll have to tell me the second you test them if they're any good - I'm dying to get one! :----)