January 3, 2012

promises, promises

I'm a bit late with this but better now than never, right? Unfortunately I have no photos of my nye because I reasoned that it's best not to take my camera with me and I'm pretty sure it was a good decision.. Wild evening/night/morning indeed! I have two huge and very sore bitemarks on my arm and I'm pretty sure I ate a christmas ornament at some point..? But that's definetely enough about that:---D

Did you make any resolutions? I did! I promised to keep a healthy, body cleansing January. Meaning no alcohol, no junk food, no sweets etc. and much more exercise, healthy food and sleeping. And even after this month I'm gonna keep the January no-nos to a minimum because a longer term resolution of mine is that next summer I want to be able to put on my bikinis, go to a public beach and not feel insecure!! So lots and lots of body pimpin' to do;b

ps. I'm SUPER afraid the world's gonna end this year:(( NOOO I wanna live..

Love, Nina

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