September 30, 2011

head news

I visited my hairdresser yesterday and got some changes to this pile of weeds! Even though I want to grow my hair really long I'm now gonna have to wait a bit longer for that to happen 'cause we had to cut off quite a lot of 'em.. The ends, or well, more like half or my hair, were in soooo bad condition it would have just been no fun having longer hair if it looked like a dead rat. So yeah quite a bit shorter but I'll get used to it and be okay:D The colour came off even better than I hoped! Because of my hair's condition any colour hasn't really attached to it and it has just looked worn out and dull. My lovely hairdresser decided to use some natural colour that is more gentle to my brittle hair and also it shouldn't fade off so quickly. It's not henna colour but something a bit similar. I'm loving the result (well as soon as I get over the shortness8D), are you?

Love, Nina


  1. ei oo mun mielestä ollenkaan liian lyhyet (: just kivat ja väri on ihana ! sopii sulle tosi hyvin ! (:

  2. Voi eiii, siis toi väri on sulle niin täydellinen! Tahtoo samanlaiset!