September 25, 2011

fashion by night

On Friday I attended the Fashion by Night happening with my friends here in Lappeenranta. The idea of this annual fashion event is basically that all the shops stay open up to 11 p.m. and there are all kinds of sales, offers and competitions that lure the people to the cold autumn evening to spend their money. There were also a few fashion shows, performances and other entertainment around the city. I personally didn't think the happening itself was anything special. We went to see the main fashion show at city hall and it was -not that I had expected anything else- kinda blah. Lappeenranta really isn't the most fashionable city so as the majority of the clothing of the show was from local boutiques and such, yeah, not very interesting for me.

Even though not impressed with most of the things the "fashion night" had to offer, I had a blast with my friends. We went to clothing stores and styled each other in outfits that did not fit to anyones own style at all! We gossiped over a glass of wine, filled out every raffle coupons we could find and participated in hope for gift cards etc. Here are some pictures I took, first ones are from the fashion show.

the show was presented by Jone Nikula, he's scary:(

Hands down the best modles of the show were this little cutie-pie and another litlle girl presenting a childrens clothing line. All the young starting modles were so stiff and forced.. but those confident and natural little girls saved the show<3

And here's the other thing that saved the show: Sergei from Salkkarit <3

Fashion night outfit:
Hat, bag and moccasins from H&M
Jacket originally from Gina Tricot but I got it 2nd hand from

some serious raffling later it was time for refreshments. after the extortion price of that wine I really need to win some of those raffles:---D

 the last we went to see from fashion night was the Sokos fashion show, where the lovely Peppi and Mimmi were modeling. I'm so shy I didn't have the courage to say hi to them I just stood there and smiled like an idiot when they walked by. I'm so awkward :--D

Our night ended at Lucky Monkeys bar where we had to sit outside even though it was freezing because the bar was so full:D We were so lazy we didn't want to walk to another bar so we suffered through our somersbys and then went home. And lived happily ever after...
Love, Nina


  1. Miksei Porissa koskaan järjestetä tollasta? Tää on ihan tylsä paikka, BUU. :(

  2. no eipä täälläkään oo ku tää juttu kerran vuodessa.. kai sielläki sentää vuoden aikana jotai on? pori jazzit hei!:--D kuten todettua, ihansama mikä tapahtuma tai vaikkei tapahtumaa ollenkaan ni hyvä seura sen fiiliksen tekee:3

  3. Aika hauska, meillä on Rovaniemellä melkein just samanlaisia iltoja kauppakeskusten kesken! Paitsi Sergei ei oo ikinä ollu siellä yhyy.

  4. Voi, tykkäilen sun lookista, erityisesti se pilkullinen paita-kuva on ihana !


  5. Sita, sun pitää enskerralla kutsuu Sergei sinne sitte:D

    Ulrika, kiitos:3